• This was a truly inspiring letter and very encouraging to read. Everyone suffers from low self-esteem or under-confidence at some point in life. In your message, you mention some ways to overcome such holdbacks. Believing in yourself, as you state is one of the most important things you can do. Even though it seems hard and impossible at times, it…[Read more]

  • Julissa, I really enjoyed reading your ideas about the influence of music in culture. Often I forget how big a role music plays in unifying cultures and people. Your example of artists who have used their skills to mix to culture through song is a reminder of how globalized our world has become. Music has become an essential source of unification…[Read more]

  • Before it is possible to classify an extraterrestrial civilization, one must be identified. As of today, humans have yet to come into contact with any aliens. However, scientists use an equation called the Drake

    • Abigail,
      This is a really interesting topic that I do not know a lot about. I really like how you cited specific types of civilizations and solar systems. I think there is a lot of information here for you to use, and this summary is very intriguing.

  • I find it interesting that though students are paying increasingly high amounts of money to attend college, they end up dropping out due to a poor grade school education. I would think that such a problem would drive the government to rethink their handling of the US education system. You made a good point in mentioning that the unaffordable…[Read more]

  • Noah, what an interesting definition of America. People so often forget that the word America can be used to describe anyone on the two American continents. You made it clear that you believe in the diversity of not just one country but of everyone in North and South America. Even though we seemed divided at times, we all fall under the same roof…[Read more]

  • Nikolai Kardashev imagined different milestones for civilizations based on energy consumption and production. He called his concept the Kardashev Scale. On this scale, the first level of civilization, called a

  • Yulisa, you bring up some very important difficulties with the American education system. More often than not, people recognize there is a problem with the current system but fail to identify the causes or solutions. We seem to be spiraling downhill. I appreciated the fact that your article took the time to name some of the most difficult problems…[Read more]

  • Abigail commented on the post, She Remembers 1 year, 3 months ago

    Eden, your poem is beautiful. You capture the memories of childhood perfectly. We often remember specific details but forget others. The way you described what you remembered and what you did not brought me to look back on my own childhood. Don’t stop creating, you have a knack for it.

  • As civilizations grow and become more advanced, energy demands increase rapidly due to the growth in population. Humans have been experiencing such a phenomenon for some time on earth. With this concept in mind,

  • I chose to recite a passage from the play, Othello. The passage I recited, 1.3.208-218, is originally spoken by Desdemona as she defends her marriage to her father. As I recorded the passage, multiple times, I

  • Daniel, you make a fascinating point. The extent to which a school can limit a students freedom of speech is a highly controversial topic. While we are guaranteed freedom of speech in the first amendment, as you pointed out, schools also retain the ability to restrict such freedom if it becomes a disruption. Online freedom of speech is difficult…[Read more]

  • In recent years, individuality has been on the rise. New technology and societal norms have encouraged the individual to seek new forms of expression and self-representation, and “we appear to be entering a d

  • Ronaysi, thank you for sharing your story. I know it is often difficult to talk about yourself, but you did a fantastic job. I find it difficult to speak or even write about myself as well. It is uplifting to hear you came to the US for a better future and I hope you found one. It sounds as if you are well prepared for your future with a chosen…[Read more]

  • Abigail commented on the post, Creativity 1 year, 7 months ago

    Erik, I found your thoughts on creativity fascinating. Human creativity is often taken for granted even though it is an integral part of our culture and society. As you pointed out, it has allowed us to create unimaginable things that have changed who we are. Creativity is also a very personal trait, something that can mean the world to us but…[Read more]

  • Audrey, you bring up an important issue in American society today. As I get nearer to my graduation, I am seeing more and more reasons the US college debt crisis must be confronted. I found the way you compared US and Australian student debt to be helpful. It allowed me to see some of the things we need to fix with our system. You might want to…[Read more]

  • Adelphe, you ask some fascinating questions. I was particularly interested in your question ” how was every living thing on this planet was made?” I often find myself wondering about such things, and I am never satisfied with the answers provided. I feel as if we will never be able to fully understand the origin of everything, what about you? The…[Read more]

  • In recent years, healthcare has become an essential issue in politics, with each campaign promising new healthcare reforms and lower prices. When Obama came into office, he passed the affordable health care act,

  • Your post was very touching. I grew up with a cousin who had autism, and it was hard at times. But once I learned to accept her as she was, everything changed. Your understanding and caring for your brother and those you tutor were evident in your writing. Your strong connection will allow others to understand the importance of understanding and…[Read more]

  • Natalia, I have never had any interest in soccer, so I do not appreciate it fully. The amount of skill, hard work, and effort it takes to play on a competitive team is extraordinary. It is a sport that attracts people of all ages. But I have to agree it is not for everyone.

  • Andre, you have the choice to do and be what you want in life. America is known as the land of the free. But it is up to you to decide what that freedom means. You make a compelling argument, but maybe in the future, you might try to define what it is to be free. I have found in life freedom constitutes many things to different people. Don’t let…[Read more]

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