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Response to “Which is a better alternative: Online School vs. Traditional School?”

In the article, “Which is a better alternative: Online School vs. Traditional School?” I learned about the pros and cons that come with online school and which alternative can be better for certain students. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic schools and other major facilities have been forced to close down and people are encouraged to be sheltered in place. With […]

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Should Schools Limit Students’ Online Speech?

April Zamora Students online speech should be limited to some extent because cyberbullying can affect people’s confidence, ruin their reputations and even break government laws. By limiting student’s online speech schools are overall creating a safer environment for students and their well being. However, there is an extent to which schools should be allowed to monitor and punish their students […]

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Will Green haven be her’s?

                In the book The Prophet of Yonwood by Jeanne DuPrau Nickie is still stuck between hiding Amanda and telling her aunt. Nickie knows that if the word gets out she’d be in big trouble. She recently made a ‘list’ about her goals while at Greenhaven. “1.Keep Greenhaven, 2.Fall in Love, 3.Help the world.” […]

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Will she come home?

Bernadette is still away. It’s been days since she disappeared and she’s really starting to miss her children and her husband. They’re beginning to grow in worry. They fear the worst. Every day since she’s at home she does many things her adult self wanted to change so this was an advantage.This relates to a real life situation because maybe the author is trying to […]

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Will she return?

The book that I am currently reading is called 12 again by Sue Corbett. This book is about very hard-working parents who rarely have time to spend with their three boys. This book involves great mystery because Bernadette, the mother disappears one night. Her family is worried because they know she doesn’t usually leave without letting them know. Bernadette has returned to her […]

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12 again

12 again by Sue Corbett is about is about a very busy family. This family consists of a mother a father and their children, 3 boys. One morning, the mother decides she needs to work in a calm peaceful house, so she decides to go to her mother’s house. Her mother had passed away just two months before this. The […]

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Prejudice and Judgement

The book From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun consists about a young boy who is 13 years old, ever since he could remember it has always been his mother and him. This boy’s name is Melanin , his father disappeared when he was just a little boy. Melanin and his friends have always made fun of “fags” or “gays” as […]

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