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  • Antonio
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Viability of Nuclear Energy View Comment
  • @Antonio
  • April 13, 2021

Hey gus, even though that nuclear power is clean energy than others, the disaster of the past has made it look as if I was bad for the environment. people think that sources like solar and natural gas are good but in the long run, it not really good....

Hey Cristian, I do agree that these fast food ads get you Hungry. Ever since I have been born, I have seen ads on the tv and gotten hungry in a little bit of time. There are many ways that ads can make you go in a fast food...

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months of quarantine View Comment
  • @Antonio
  • March 31, 2021

Hello Sara, I appraise your post because it really reflect my time during the worldwide pandemic and other things that were happening. Many have felt the misery more during this time. I remember so much that has happened. But everything will soon return to normal, somewhat. Stay safe and...

Gun laws are currently a problem in our society. From what I have read from this, it seems that Hawaiian laws are working well. Just leaves me with this question, why isn't this being put into place in the mainland united states. I don't think that the right of...

I feel that these tech companies are getting too big in general. Smaller companies do currently have a problem of going against their much bigger competitors, due to reasons that are listed above. It's good to have some competition because it can expose other to brands and see...

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Empathy with Covid-19 View Comment
  • @Antonio
  • January 15, 2021

Dear Claire Being empathic to others, especially at the time when our world is at its knees by covid-19. It's better to see eye to eye to know how we are all feeling. I have become lonely during this event of history, but at least, I can still be connected...

Hello there Tawan, I liked your podcast about this issue. Living in the united states has been a ride of a lifetime because of this pandemic. I am taking this event as a serious matter but I feel that half of the population doesn´t really care for themselves and...

Hello there Lydia, I agree with how social media is affecting our youth´s communication. For being one of the kids that use social media most of the time, I don´t really like saying these slangs and such because I don´t like how they sound through my mouth. But I...

Hello there Cristian, I´m intrigued about the question and the post as well. Personally, I have never played sports in my life because I never got interested in the idea of it at all. But I can say this, I do think that school sport should be canceled indefinitely....

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Hawaii’s Lava Waterfall View Comment
  • @Antonio
  • November 17, 2020

Hello rosa, I do like the post about the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. even if god´s creation can be the end of any life, it does birth new ones as well. Everything has its natural positives and negatives and none of us can change that all. That´s what...

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Communication is Key View Comment
  • @Antonio
  • November 17, 2020

Really liked your post, maddle. I do agree that communicating with others is the best way to understand the person in any way possible. Over my lifetime, I have learned a lot about others when I'm bored and just want to talk to others. I talk to anyone no...

Dear Jose I did enjoy the article you have wrote but I do have some questions about what you have said in it. Most of the mass shootings that have happened were caused by people who were mental Ill and other reasons. Some of these shootings were realized...

This is the most devastating moment in our lives and California too. The air is full of cancer for our lungs and fires that will make all of our forest into a distant memory. I'm worry about the sake of the town itself and my family as well....

It's horrifying that the children are being taking away from there families who are marked as criminals. Currently, most of the children are in the cages like animals. They have no way of talking to member of their families and none of their needs are there. if the...

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