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    Why the Internet Should Censor Suicide Videos

    During our lifetime, there have been many events that have been recorded in our history books and such. Some of those events are sometimes pleasant and to straight-up gruesome and horrifying. Now with the digital age, it's more apparent...

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    • I think that they should be used for the police but should not be released to the general public. The reason for this Is you don’t know who you might be scarring for life.

    • Dear Antonio,

      I agree with the fact that these disturbing and saddening videos should not be posted on social media. besides the fact that it is disturbing it is also a sign of disrespect to the person and there families. And they shouldn’t be taken as a joke but as something serious. It hurts to see people post these without the consent of family members and loved ones. And to regular people scrolling through their social media or internet seeing these things can affect them and or give them ideas and making them commit the same thing. So, yes, I do believe that these videos should be taken down from social media.

    • Dear Antonio,
      I strongly agree that videos with a disturbing nature should be censored when it comes to being on the internet. These types of videos are extremely unsettling to the human eye and shouldn’t be seen. It can also very disrespectful to the families and friends of these people that may be in the videos. In today’s world children are often exposed to the internet and the imagery can cause a significant amount of trauma. This can affect them in any way possible even how they see the world. I too have seen these types of videos and they do affect me in terms of what I am now sensitive to seeing.

  • Hello there Tawan, I liked your podcast about this issue. Living in the united states has been a ride of a lifetime because of this pandemic. I am taking this event as a serious matter but I feel that half of the population doesn´t really care for themselves and others as well. I haven´t seen any of my friends or other family members in a couple o…Read More

  • Hello there Lydia, I agree with how social media is affecting our youth´s communication. For being one of the kids that use social media most of the time, I don´t really like saying these slangs and such because I don´t like how they sound through my mouth. But I guess I’m okay with it as long as they can say arguments and opinions without the us…Read More

  • Hello there Cristian, I´m intrigued about the question and the post as well. Personally, I have never played sports in my life because I never got interested in the idea of it at all. But I can say this, I do think that school sport should be canceled indefinitely. The reason is that it simple, the safely of the players, coaches, and the…Read More

  • Hello rosa, I do like the post about the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. even if god´s creation can be the end of any life, it does birth new ones as well. Everything has its natural positives and negatives and none of us can change that all. That´s what good to see in life.

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    Really liked your post, maddle. I do agree that communicating with others is the best way to understand the person in any way possible. Over my lifetime, I have learned a lot about others when I’m bored and just want to talk to others. I talk to anyone no matter what they are. Even though my shyness comes along for the ride, it´s always good to…Read More

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  • Dear Jose
    I did enjoy the article you have wrote but I do have some questions about what you have said in it. Most of the mass shootings that have happened were caused by people who were mental Ill and other reasons. Some of these shootings were realized too late, so I don’t think they were preventable at most. Do I think that weapons, in…Read More

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  • This is the most devastating moment in our lives and California too. The air is full of cancer for our lungs and fires that will make all of our forest into a distant memory. I’m worry about the sake of the town itself and my family as well. Idk how these fires started but they are worse than anything in the long list of wildfire that happen.

  • It’s horrifying that the children are being taking away from there families who are marked as criminals. Currently, most of the children are in the cages like animals. They have no way of talking to member of their families and none of their needs are there. if the untied states is dubbed “the land of the free”, then why are in concentration…Read More

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