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  • Brenda,
    Thank you for your post I found it to be very compelling! I agree with you that “people should have equal rights so everybody would treat each other with respect.” I also agree that the importance of equality and human rights to your organisation. Equality and human rights are core to achieving national and local performance outcomes which…[Read more]

  • Colin I found your post to be very compelling in how to explained “Most teenagers are going to drink at some point through high school or college”– you explained this point very well and I could see your argument well throughout your post. I also found this website to be helpful in explaining that underage drinking is a serious public health…[Read more]

  • After conducting an interview Professor Thomas C. Henderson who is a professor at the University of Utah I was able to come to the consensus that self-driving vehicles with the help of artificial intelligence

    • Hi, Anthony!

      I am so glad you were able to contact a professional about your interesting topic. I think it is important what he said about how people are fearful about this, but if we can work together we can create benefits within our society. I agree that if humans can find the good in this era and in all of these technological advances that we can help everyone, but I think this might be very optimistic to assume. It is very hard to bring everyone together to find the benefits in a controversial topic. This is something that, as he said could help people, but it would be difficult to get others on board. I think you have picked a great topic and good luck on your paper! Here is a website for you! https://futureoflife.org/background/benefits-risks-of-artificial-intelligence/

      Thank you!
      Sophia Gross

  • Dear Marlon I loved your post and how much information you have written about yourself here. I found most compelling was your name in how your grandmother named you to keep your grandfather’s memory alive. I can relate by that because my grandather before he died, use to called me Zanyer and when he died my mom continued to call me that. I feel…[Read more]

  • Dear Zach, I found your article compelling and I am intrigued by what you said regarding “The world would be far less polarized and a far better place to live if religion had never surfaced.” With my faith I have never felt like I needed to be healed because of my sexuality and insted I have felt a magnitude of love and support to embrace my…[Read more]

  • An article that I found most compelling was The Gale Encyclopedia of Science. What made the article most compelling was that the article talked about the history of artificial intelligence. What I mean is that the

  • The most compelling article I came across relating to my research paper for artificial intelligence was an article produced by TheNewYorkTimes. The article talked about how a robot built by Google, “has just d

  • Caliigh, I like you post very much and I find your post to very compelling. I also feel too that you can touch on college, like the U.S. and China are such dominant nations that pressure society to be successful in economic and educational education that many teens feel as if they are falling short. I think what you have is impacful and holds true…[Read more]

  • Regan, I love your post and think the validity of the post is definitely worth looking at. Today, I can through my own optinion that schools do not accomdate to the needs of students. Many public schools that are not private school, which tend to bring in more money for these programs, do not have the funding for these which are vital. Many people…[Read more]

  • An article that I read that was interesting was from Forbes which talked about how the workplace is about to change forever. Here are two ways that AI will change careers for young professionals;


  • Hello fellas,

    I’m certain about what I want to write my research paper on, but I’m very open for more information and feedback. What I want to write about is artificial intelligence and where we are ending up as

  • Bobby I agree with you, I think we as a society have no good understanding of our eating habits and I think there should be taught a healthier lifestyle methood for all people to reach middle ground. I myself am underweight and I am unsure what to eat and how to maintain a healthier weight that is middle ground. My mom for most of my childhood was…[Read more]

  • Dear Johan, I really liked your post about the idea of allowing cars to be made to drive themselves. What I found lacking was pros and cons of self driving cars and you took a neutral position on weather they should or shouldn’t be legal. I think if you took a side for example, talking about why self drving cars should be legal you can say a pro…[Read more]

  • Artificial intelligence is a buzzing topic today, as a result of many technological advances. Artificial intelligence is buzzing because to what extend do we put ourselves at risk with robots have a build

  • Hello Meshach, I loved your post and at many times I kept thinking about the idea that is very hurting to me that a Caucasian vs African America in a court most times depending on where you are in the US, the Caucasian individual will have a less server pushiment than the African American individual, and the Caucasian is compensate by the…[Read more]

  • Hi Sophie I loved your post and how you said “face-to-face interactions are less desirable than social media or texting”, I would agree. Today many young people do not know how to make eye contact and from my mom (who’s my source in this post) says “I’ve noticed that with many young applicants who want an internship with me, alot of them struggle…[Read more]

  • Today, if you think about it what most people have in common is having a mobile device. Many people today surf and stream the mobile internet with ease and they find themselves (especially younger generations

  • Cheryl,
    I really loved your poem about your home. The idea of home is something that I will miss so much when I leave but coming back will always be special because that is where most people have grown up in their whole life. A home is more than just four walls and a roof it’s a place where we know where everything is if our were blindfolded it’s…[Read more]

  • Hi Colin,
    I feel farming was common lifestyle and work choice of many people back then who wanted to make a living, but that sort of lifestyle has lost its lust today. I think as a society as we grew around the idea of technology and innovation, the idea that we can have foods that aren’t seasonal around us–we can now have these foods all season…[Read more]

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