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    Dear,Jessica I was amazed how good you explained your story and really liked it,I specially when you said that women are usually looked down on but I liked how you showed otherwise by saying That women try their best to prove those counter claims wrong.Great work!

  • Dear,Kelly i really liked your shadowbox and all the characteristic about it I also liked how you represent girl power and the counter narratives to it but you show the opposite of them which is really amazing and empowering another thing that really stood out for me was the 3 flags that you show pride in all of them but i’m guessing you like…Read More

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    Dear,Jose I really like your shadow box and how you represent your own culture and how you go against your counter narrative of people assuming every brown skin is mexican but we have are own cultures.another thing that you did that really amazed me was although you’re from guatemala you still show mexican pride!Overall your shadow box really show…Read More

  • dear beatriz I like your shadow box and it shows how u are really into catholicism and how your religious and have pride in yourself sincerely,anthony

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    Anthony Magana Sarabia

    Ms portugal


             Hi, My name is Anthony Magana.This is my shadow box.  For some, it may look goofy for others but it can be relatable. For me, it’s my life in a flash.I g

    Hello stranger! THIS IS ME!

    Anthony Magana Sarabia Ms portugal 9/16/18          Hi, My name is Anthony Magana.This is my shadow box.  For some, it may look goofy for others but it can be relatable. For me, it's my life in a flash.I get really happy and...

    Read More
    • Reading this post about you was really eye opening. It allowed me to realize that people aren’t what they seem on the outside. When you said, “I don’t reach for the stars i reach for the sky” did you mean that you don’t feel that you have the ability to go above and beyond or did you mean something else? Overall, your piece was really enjoyable and I loved the images that accompanied it.

    • Dear Anthony,
      I really like your shadow box and artist statement. I like the way you wrote it and a lot of what you said was pretty relatable. I also learned a lot about you which is cool because we don’t really talk like that. I also like the reasoning on why you included those colors on your shadow box. But, I don’t understand why you chose black to represent your love for games and basketball.

      Overall, your shadow box + artist statement was interesting to read and look at.


    • Dear, Anthony

      I felt empowered when I read your shadow box because it is different from other people boxes. Something I learn from you is that your humor is funny but it can be dark too. I like your box because it’s different and the colors mean something for example you said yellow represents that you are funny and bright and but it can be dark. That is very cool that you did that because I haven’t seen anyone do that.

  • dear,kimberly I really like your shadow box i like how you said “i was born in the usa but some of my family but have a family that was born in Mexico. I am a very proud of being a Latina”it connects to me because i also was born here but have family in mexico and i like how your proud of your heritage and so am I,sincerely, anthony

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    dear melody,I really like your box its really colorful and showing about what makes you,you i also liked your sayings really powerful words i liked when you said ¨fear is not a person its a feeling and feelings go away¨ i connected to that and it was nice.


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