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    I am not usually comfortable making oral presentations because I am always nervous about  stumbling  on my words.In other situations I usually speak confidently and fluent.

    If I were to analyze my own body la


    I chose to read the Walmart ad in the Family Circle Magazine.

    I feel as though my recordings were really good, I did a great job controlling  my tone.


  • I watched “TED’s secret to great public speaking” and a second video about “Good and Bad Examples of Presentation”. Anderson wants the viewers to understand  how every good speaker puts a new idea inside his  or

  • The topic of my 30-second hook was to captivate my audience on the importance of teen depression and why i chose it . I had to record myself a total of 4 times to get my final version. After watching my final

  • Click here to listen to my podcast about teen depression.


  • Based on what I’ve learned through my research, genetic cloning can have positive and negative outcomes and or benefits. I personally feel as though the benefits of genetic cloning could  be very positive but

  • Below is my annotated bibliography about genetic cloning.I annotated four sources.


    The main arguments of this article are that cloning is more natural than it is perceived.The point of this

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    I really liked how did more of an in depth research on your topic. This is a good topic relating to medicine, I also am interested in medicine.I also really enjoyed when you said “Medicine will come in by doctors testing it out on humans by putting it in a medicine and giving a dose of it out to people” because this shows your thinking about the…[Read more]

  • This is great I felt exactly the same way. Before i actually researched genetic engineering I had no clue of what it is was,but after researching I had a better understanding. I really like when you said “My gut reaction to watching the videos is that it’s awesome that you can do so many things with the DNA of humans and food anything. T…[Read more]

  • I chose the genetic engineering application of Cloning.I chose this application because I always felt it would be very cool to clone myself.

    Three questions i would like to answer are:

    What is the earliest

  • From my understanding genetic engineering is  the deliberate modification of the characteristics of an organism by manipulating its genetic material. My gut reaction to genetic engineering is that I am very

    • Hi, I agree with your post. I think that modified organism can be very dangerous, it’s highly a risk factor. People are not educated enough on gmos. The people does not know the negative outcome gmos has on the people in the long run. It seems that GMOs are good for example: producing more crops and producing longer lasting food. Gmos are causing more pesticides to be resistant and more immune to crops that is made with a genetic toxin produced by gmos.

  • Questions

    What does depression affect?

    What can cause teen depression?

    What is depression?

    Equality and equal  opportunity is whats most matter  to me. The most important thing needed in everyday life in  

  • The constant pressures from school, bullying, and a lack of social programs can cause teen depression. Teen depression is a growing epidemic in today’s society. Dealing with  overwhelming stress can cause de

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    That you will see on the stage is the scene were Othello kills Desdemona. I learned that I can use minimal supplies to create a nice project using my imagination.


  • 1)Quote It gives me wonder great as my content To see you here before me O my soul’s Joy 1 If after every tempest come such calms ,May the winds blow till they have wakened death!


    RIght now Othello is

  • The Shakespeare play I decided to choose was Othello. I chose Act Five Scene Two, Lines 80 – 90.

    I  played the character of  Othello. I learned that tone plays a critical role in the speech. The volume and pac

  • Shakespeare  is still  studied in school because  the topics he discusses are still relevant to today .The video of the man on stage clearly explains how his situations from his books happen every day .I agree th

  • Shakespeare  is still  studied in school because  the topics he discusses are still relevant to today .The video of the man on stage clearly explains how his situations from his books happen every day . I agree th

  • To the YV community, this is my response to the Warm-Up for English class today. We are studying Shakespeare’s Othello and exploring the theme of appearance versus reality.


    Dear M

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