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The Unknowns of Experimentation

The Unknowns of Experimentation Experimentation is a topic that isn’t talked about a lot. But, it is a topic that is important. Why? Experimentation has affected many people, and many of the studies that affected people were very unethical. Ethics are moral principles. The four principles of bioethics are Justice, Beneficence, Non-maleficence, and Autonomy. Justice connects to fairness, equality, and […]

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How Does Gentrification Affect Oakland and its Community?

  Did you know that when asked, more Oakland community members believe that gentrification is shoddy for Oakland? Why would they say that gentrification will have a negative impact on Oakland? Gentrification is the rapid development of a city in order to “modernize” it. Many cities have gone through gentrification, such as San Francisco, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles. Some cities, […]

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What would a modern Romeo and Juliet look like in Oakland?

Modern Prologue: There are two sides, who both know a lot and a little about each other   One side are the Insiders, who live in Oakland   The other are the Outsiders, who have never visited Oakland but still oppress the Insiders because of their community   The Outsiders have oppressed the Insiders for a long time, which has […]

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Anthony‘s Shadow Box

  Shadow Box Artist Statement Anthony Garcia      This is my Shadow Box. What is a Shadow Box? It’s a shoe box with objects that represent your identity, but it can be more than that. It can be a way to tell your counter narrative. A counter narrative is a story told by an oppressed group to counter dominant narratives. […]

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