• Dear Alexus,
    Thank you for your feedback. To answer your question, I believe that we won’t make the BIGGEST change, which is stopping this issue, but we can for sure spread more awareness. As the saying goes, there is “Strength in Numbers.” The more awareness we can spread in the middle and high schools, the more information the students will have…[Read more]

  • Dear Katerine,
    Thank you for your reply, and thank you for your feedback. All of these comments give us more thought about why we are doing this, and why this topic is more significant than what it seems. To answer your question, we are inspired by this topic because, as I stated earlier, it isn’t that well known. Some people do know about this…[Read more]

  • Dear Leslie,
    I really enjoyed reading through your blog post. The hook at the beginning really want me to want to read even more. I also really enjoyed the background that you gave us on this topic. For example, “They did labor work and were rarely fed and part of that place in time Jewish people who were kept captive were often used for…[Read more]

  • The Unknowns of Experimentation

    Experimentation is a topic that isn’t talked about a lot. But, it is a topic that is important. Why? Experimentation has affected many people, and many of the studies that a

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  • Anthony's profile was updated 2 years, 4 months ago

  • Dear Arely,
    I really enjoyed reading your name memoir. Something that I really enjoyed hearing was that outside factors help to determine your name, and it also shows how much meaning and history your name has behind it. For example, in your post, you say “ I got my name “Arely” of a novela that came out the year I was born, which my dad’s aunty u…[Read more]

  • Dear Vicente,
    I really liked how this post was stated. It is really strong and it makes me feel happy to see more people sharing really deep and personal stories. The more people share more of stories like these, the stronger that this community can become overall. Something that I really liked about your post is that you really, really relate to…[Read more]


    Did you know that when asked, more Oakland community members believe that gentrification is shoddy for Oakland? Why would they say that gentrification will have a negative impact on Oakland? Gentrification is

    • Dear Anthony,

      You have a very strong post here, showing what the community thinks about this issue. But, I don’t see where you stand, you talk about why the community thinks that gentrification has a negative impact on Oakland, but do you stand with that side? Also, it doesn’t seem that you are looking at the sides of the people moving to Oakland. Would you want to live at a place that cost a lot of money, or move to a place that cost less? Also, i’ve read somewhere that Oakland can’t stop anyone from moving to Oakland, so how would you stop this issue of gentrification? Would protesting really stop people from continuing to move to Oakland? It would be great to know your opinion on the matter. Overall, your blog shares a counter narrative of the citizens which is very important, but it’s also important to look at both perspectives. Great job at sharing your voice to the world. Keep up the great work!

    • Dear anthony,

      I am impressed with your post “How Does Gentrification Affect Oakland and its Community?”, because I did the same topic as you did. Also because what I wrote is similar to your work about what people of oakland think about gentrification. Most of the time they are immigrants that think gentrification is not good for them. One sentence that you wrote that stands out to me is “there are many more houses and apartments being built, and more people have to move out to let the city build those houses/shops/buildings”. I thought that this was a really strong quote that you have because your interviewer talked about how people have to move away so they can build more shops/houses and that is bad for the people who are going to be moving away because they don’t have the power to stand up for themselves. Another sentence that I liked was, “Also, another reason people would get kicked out is because of prices going up” this stood out to me because it was really true that the rents are rise up. I have even experienced it with my family. We had to pay 100$ more so yeah I have experienced it myself. Another reason why I agree with you is that there have been a lot of changes and you're talked about that in your work. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you will write next, because I totally agree with you.

    • Dear anthony

      I am amazed by Your post because some of the quotes you writing is was really cool. I like the way that you shows that how bad is Oakland and how is this affecting others. One of the sentence you wrote that stands out for me is ¨This was interesting to me because those places aren’t seen as significant and, as such, the city wants to make those places the prime target of gentrification because they aren’t as important as other wealthier neighborhoods and can be easily changed.¨I think this is a good sentence because it shows that how bad is gentrification in Oakland and how can this affect people. Another sentence that I was amazed by is Some may argue that more houses gives more people a chance to live in Oakland. For example, in the article “Brooklyn Rises on the Oakland Waterfront,” Kudler is describing what the proposed community of Brooklyn Basin would be like when it is built. This stood out for me because it sounds cool and the ways you said living in
      Thanks for your writing . I look forward to seeing what you write next, because like the bolg you writer and all the quotes you use in this blog.

  • Modern Prologue:

    There are two sides, who both know a lot and a little about each other


    One side are the Insiders, who live in Oakland


    The other are the Outsiders, who have never visited Oakland but s

  • Dear Salvador,

    I am glad about your post “The Shadow Box Project” because it is good to see people that are not afraid to show their stories through symbolism, how you did. The more people that share their stories, the more are going to be less afraid to share their own. I am also glad to see that you created your own box with your own materials…[Read more]

  • Dear Kevin Wu,

    I feel empowered by your article, ¨The Hidden Story¨, because it explains (and talks about) many assumptions. I also like how you used really proffessional words like ¨dominant narrative¨, ¨counter narrative¨, ¨chosen identity¨, and more. But you should try to explain the definition of those words because there may be people…[Read more]

  • I really like your box and how it represents parts of your identity. Many people make many stereotypes, and I like how you countered them. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    Shadow Box Artist Statement

    Anthony Garcia     

    This is my Shadow Box. What is a Shadow Box? It’s a shoe box with objects that represent your identity, but it can be more than that. It can be a way to tell y

    • Hi Anthony,
      I am glad to see a project like this becuase it makes me think of sterotypes and how they are often wrong or only partially true. People prejudge and make asumpions all the time and fighting back on these to create a better society is a key issue today. The symbolyism you have used is great.
      Thanks, Simon

    • Dear Antony:

      I am amazed of your shadow box because it has a lot of detail. Also, because it has a lot of color and symbols. One part of your art that stands out to me is the amount of detail are in the logos. I think that what is in the box does represents you. Thank you for your shadow box. This art piece looks great and I hope you made it with care.

      Hail Hydra,

    • Hello Anthony,

      I’m very impressed by your shadow box. While scrolling through all the shadow boxes yours really stood. I liked that your shadow box had a very clear focus on one of your main identities which is being interested in cars. I especially like your inclusion of the red model car in your shadow box because it really emphasizes your interest in cars and how strong that identity is. Thank you for making such a great shadow box for me to look at.

      Hail Hydra,

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    • hey antony am writhing from fremont high school and i see that your from america and that you like cars i also like car but don’t know a lot about them