• Hey Melanie, this is quite the topic and I personally had never thought about it. I will have to disagree with you although you made valid points. People in prison do not deserve to vote because as soon as they committed the crime they did,they lost that right. Great article article but I strongly disagree with you.

  • I read some of the main points to this article and I also found it fascinating how they were not giving tests to people who believe they had the disease. Although I believe that has changed because they have given Utah more tests, I feel everyone has the right to be tested because as you said they could be passing it to others. Great article and topic.

  • COVID-19 is the topic of talk now. As not only a state or a country is being affected by this but our entire planet is under extreme distress. The rate has not slowed down but it only continues to increase.

  • Zoos bring us closer to wildlife in ways you could not imagine. It is also a good place for schools to go learn and interact with the animals. As pretty and fun zoos look they have a dark side to them. Many of

    • Hey Anthony,
      I worked at the zoo over the summer and I do agree with some of what you’re saying. Zoos are for the most part bad for the animals and that is one of the reasons I quit my Job. I didn’t want to support an organisation harming animals who are innocent. We need to stop that. Though when zoos say they are helping an animal that’s going extinct that is true. We are helping species live who couldn’t otherwise from where they come from.
      Something that’s important to know is that most of the animals at the zoo aren’t captured anymore. They are raised in a zoo, and then sold off to another zoo that needs it. We don’t go very often to Africa to find Lions to capture. No the lions are raised here in the US just for zoos.

    • Hey Anthony,
      I agrue with most of what you explained. Zoo are harmful for the animals, the poor animals face alot of problems such as anxiety, depression, anger etc. The animals are forced to live in terrible conditions, they are not provided witht he proper space they need or habitation. It is important to inform people about the behind the scenes of zoos. People should be educated about the dangers animals face when they are locked up with a lack of care and attention

    • Anthony,
      Nice job. I thought your post was very interesting. Here is an article that further discusses the problem with zoos. https://www.bornfree.org.uk/zoo-issues
      I agree that zoos have many affects on animals especially with anxiety. I liked how you stated zoos benefit “because they will promote the animals they got which will bring in more money for them while not considering the health of the animal.” This helps to claim that zoos can be greedy instead of living out their task of helping animals. I think you should included some sources to help deepen the argument of the long term effects, with specific examples of some animals. I think while you also state the negatives of zoo, you should include an argument for zoos, to help strengthen your opinion of removing zoos. Coming up with a solution would make this stronger. It is unfortunate how animals are not treated fairly and we need to find a way to end this problem.

    • I agree, zoos do bring us closer to wild life though many are not aware of the living conditions of a zoo. Animal activist believe that zoos are terrible ideas (https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/gqmvzx/why-we-should-close-all-zoos-778). This article focuses on why zoos should be banned and how living conditions have not improved over the years. It mentions how there are reports worldwide of zoos abusing and stressing animals.

    • Hey Anthony,
      Zoos do bring us closer to animals most people would ever see in their life because of the where they are located in the world. While they are their for educational purposes, many people do not read the plaques of information on the animal, they just look at the animal and move on. The best way to learn about animals nowadays are to research about them online. The internet has given a way where people can learn more facts on animals than a zoo could and in less time. I like how you talked about their living conditions. It is important that people understand that most of these zoo animals need way more space than they have. A lot of animals have depression because a lot of animals are herd animals. They need to be in large groups or else they can feel exposed and in danger. While there are a lot of endangered animals, people need to realize that zoos are taking them in because we have not taken action and responsibility for leading them to extinction. While zoos are better than nothing, it is a last resort that is failing.

    • I don’t think Zoos should be closed because this is a way kids get to see animals up close. But there is somethings that the zoo can change like having more space for the animals to live and play. Also a cleaner enviroment. For some kids this is the first trip they go on in school and it helps them learn about animals why better than just reading a book for some kids.

  • This was really interesting to read. I am not very familiar with the history of Yellowstone even though I have been there many times. I found it interesting how a Frenchmen was who discovered the landscape and explored it. Very good informative writing.

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    Hey Morgan, I love the topic you chose because it is a serious issue and I feel that it is it being taken seriously enough. I love the points you have made and I would say that I am on the other side form you on this topic. I feel that it is the women choice whether she wants it or not. None the less I liked getting your point of view in this topic.

  • I love the concern you have about this topic, in fact it is a topic I feel very passionate about. “An estimated 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into the oceans every year, while only 1% to 2% of it gets recycled.” This has stuck to my head an I am astonished by this stat. This goes to show you all the flaws our society has. We are not only…[Read more]

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    Hey James, I love to see your interest on this topic. The amount of abortions there are in a year is an astonishing and we should really question our modern day society. We are taking lives even though it may not seem like it and I agree with you in that it should not happen as much as it does.

  • This was a well written response Vette. I commend you for your interest in this topic and wanting change. I liked how you gave us facts about the issue and I loved your approach on what we can do help keep our planet stay healthy. I agree with you that we should eliminate single-use plastic, it is one of the main sources that is causing thing…[Read more]

  • Nic this is such a great topic to choose and one that is not talked a lot about. I agree with you that this should not be the punishment one receives for their misbehavior’s. I like the argument you make in that it is best to send someone to prison for the rest of their lives because that is more of a punishment than killing them. I am with you on…[Read more]

  • Climate Change, it is such a broad topic, yet it continues to be ignored by the majority of our planet’s population. Many people believe that what we are experiencing is normal and they are even calling it a

    • Hey Antwon, I found your writing on climate change to be very informational and helpful for the general public. I agree that this is an issue that leads to erratic weather conditions and and record lows and highs in different areas. Its been happening in salt lake and not many people realize its because the jet stream is off due to the differential tempuratures

  • Gun control is a topic that has been gaining the public’s eye as the years have gone by. This topic has created a division within the American public as some people are for it and others are against it. The

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