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  • So far in the novel, your description of the main characters and the main conflict is accurate and a good summary. Also, I believe you could delve deeper into the text and maybe more about AI and how it helped you through this process of reading Long Division. 

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    I enjoyed reading how well you analyzed and summarized the themes in this book. Not even just your writing your image is also connected with your writing very creative of you. Your perspective on the power of language in Long Division is intriguing, and it has given me a new perspective on the book. I like how you mentioned how language can be…Read More

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    The process you went through to spot the different themes looks very thorough. The themes you provided were analyzed very well and you added many key details from the book. You provided evidence to support your observations as well as citing your information. The structure of your paragraphs was put together very well and have strong ideas to…Read More

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    My hip, head, and heart

    Before: Using AI mojo and youth voices are different in many aspects and they help me in different ways. AI mojo helps me expand my knowledge and my creativity offering me different templates for my sentences to find exactly...

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    Being able to write in this racist pov was probably hard for you but I definitely give you props for this. I know it probably wasn’t easy, but how was it for you to write this?

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My hip, head, and heart

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