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    Destruction of Gaza

    My article in week five summarized the amount of explosives dropped on the Gaza Strip and how Israels pattern of attacks is against international law.

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    Tik Tok and self diagnosis Accessed 26 Feb. 2024. Its nice to have a professionals opinion on how helpful tik tok actually is in the mental health sphere, however she doesn't touch on serious points and the main culprit behind this crisis which is...

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    Tik Toks effect on mental health and adolescent development.

    Its actually very clear cut, Tik Tok is directly linked to depression, increased anxiety levels, memory loss, and body dysmorphia related conditions. Even though this sounds completely feasible the data backs it up further, the NHI endeavored and in-depth...

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  • In most cases of psychopathic individuals a mixture of environmental pressure and pre existing mental health issues blend together to result in extremely violent episodes.

  • Did the separate tribes often fight for territory, or were they content with their separate regions established. And if they got along did they trade, what were some key differences between the empires?

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