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    How do you think this particular part of the novel relates to our lives and the societies present in the US today? Personally, I see a lot of similarities between our world and the world that Orwell “made up” in 1984. Lately there has been a lot of “fake news” floating around that is not backed up by no research, facts, or support by other…[Read more]

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    Do you think these realities of 1984 could potentially manifest in our lives today? Is there enough power in the government currently to manipulate the entire US population into submission below the power if the government? How do you think our society today compares to that of Orwell’s described in 1984? For example, today there are…[Read more]

  • Carelis,
    I absolutely agree with your stance on Planned Parenthood, and I’m so happy you addressed the other health concerns that the organization dealt with, not only for women, but also for families. I feel it necessary, however, to play devil’s advocate, seeing as that’s a very popular thing to do in the society we live in today. I Planned…[Read more]

  • Averi,
    This statement you made literally made a shiver run down my spine. “Since the 1960s America’s prison system has become a place of business.” That single sentence makes the validity of your post what seems to be a billion times stronger. I never would have made this comparison, nor have I ever heard anyone use this in speech. I think it t…[Read more]

  • Throughout the world, technology is growing exponentially in popularity and use in businesses, schools, and other organizations. A question that many people ask is whether or not these forms of technology are

    • Annie,
      I agree that technology use is exponentially growing and that it is becoming a big issue. The ever growing pollution problem is even more an issue. Are there cases of other places in the world that are trying to solve these problems like San Fransisco?

  • Lucy, I was told this a lot too when I was little. But often times I, out of the three girls my mom and dad were preaching to, was the only one to disagree with them, and, subsequently, start a loud argument. I hated hearing the fact that life wasn’t fair. I insisted that I could make a fair life for myself if I tried hard enough. In some ways, I…[Read more]

  • Ahmiah, I love your piece and the evidence you presented for the injustices so many people face today. I completely agree, the prejudices many hold toward a great percent of the population today are unwarranted and inhumane. To add to that, you have given solid facts about the American Constitution that show these kinds of discrimination are…[Read more]

  • In The Federalist Papers written by John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton, Jay states, “Among the many objects to which a wise and free people find it necessary to direct their attention, that of pro

  • Emma,
    This post is harsh in content but true in nature. I don’t mean to say that your words or the message itself is harsh, but the memories and relationships that arise from reading this are, for lack of other words, harsh. I find it difficult to read this, but I also find it important, to for me specifically, but more importantly for my cousin…[Read more]

  • I believe I am beautiful. I believe my beauty is inside and out, and that the same can be said for everyone around me.

    I have lived in a home where outer beauty was always a concern, whether it be makeup, body,

    • Annie,
      This is a beautiful post. I love how engaging and positive it is. I think everyone can relate with being self-conscious about one thing or another. It’s not always easy to accept yourself, imperfections and all, and I admire how overcoming that major obstacles in your life led you to realize your beauty. Turned lemons into lemonade! I look forward to seeing what else you write.

    • Annie,
      I loved absolutely everything about this post. You wrote it in such a way where I think every girl, and most likely some boys, can resonate strongly to it. You are so right. Beauty is not on the outside. It should never have been that way in the first place. Society makes us believe that exterior beauty is what matters, but it takes posts like yours to remind us that beauty truly does come from within. Thank you so much for writing to this topic, it is so true.

    • Annie,
      Accepting your body in the midst of all the harsh expectations thrown at women is a never-ending battle. I consider myself to be much stronger than I once was, but I still frequently experiences insecurities. When it comes to your physical wellbeing, what ultimately matters is health. There are very thin girls who are very healthy and much larger girls who are just healthy. There are also thin girls who are extraordinarily unhealthy and large girls who are unhealthy as well. Your body is not always a reflection of your health which is the only thing you should preoccupy yourself with.

  • Annie commented on the post, LIFE 3 months, 1 week ago

    Your dialogue and narrative was fascinating and beautiful, and described to me a very unique life, one that you seem very familiar with, one that you’re comfortable writing about. The imagery of your chores, your expectations, and so on was descriptive and enlightening, and made the piece as a whole a story that was easy to imagine. A clear image…[Read more]

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    Your piece was very powerful, and very relatable in many regards. I especially loved your final paragraph where you made it clear that men were not inherently a burdened, but having a son would be a “privilege”. I think this is really important for a lot of people to understand because many believe women fear men and avoid them without ever…[Read more]

  • Luz,
    Your piece was unbelievably electrifying and a true beauty to read. I truly have never read a student piece so powerful and personal as this. I can’t even begin to relate to the situation described in your piece because of what a privileged life I’ve led, and how I’ve grown up. This kind of writing strikes readers right in the heart, and the…[Read more]

  • According to http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-16870579#, about 107 billion humans lived and died by the year 2012. This sparked a lot of emotions among those who became familiar with the facts, but the most

  • This idea and ideas like it have always fascinated me, especially after the first time I read A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. In that book, she discusses and narrates an entire story based upon the idea of the existence of a multiverse, and puts into an understandable perspective the idea of higher order dimensions. Your piece reminded me…[Read more]

  • Your passage was one of the most powerful I’ve read. The comment that struck me the most was yours saying, “They only mention some things like how the jews that ran away from the holocaust but don’t mention the discrimination faced when they migrated to the US.” Every one of your statements was poignant and related to a diverse group of people e…[Read more]

  • Luis, your story and further research had such an impact on me, and though I can’t directly relate or even begin to understand what you may be going through right now, I thought a response from a white American citizen might be interesting and possibly helpful. I absolutely agree with your statements, and sympathize with the difficulties of being…[Read more]

  • Your argument is very powerful, but I think it would be fruitful to emphasize a less biased point of view. In this way, you may be able to get your point across without offending anyone, and that way maybe those who would typically disagree with your argument might read further into the reasons you chose it. Using strong language and a hard bias…[Read more]

  • Ilda, your argument was very compelling! I think a great support would be acknowledging the opposing side of the pro-GMO argument, what they are saying, and why they are saying it. Many of those in that party believe that GMOs can be damaging to the health of those who consume them, and this is a very common misconception. I suggest the following…[Read more]

  • Nuong, I very much agree with the subject of your argument, and I hope to eventually read more about what you feel on the subject. I think it would be fruitful as well to go into some statistics and facts about life as it forms, consciousness, and the importance of the health of the mother. You may even touch on the dislike for Planned Parenthood…[Read more]

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