• Dear Prerna,
    I am impressed with your post “The Bullets You Shoot”. I liked the way you explained the book in a way that doesn’t give any spoilers and that you cited other texts that backed up your arguments. One part that stood out to me was “This book is very important to today’s world. African Americans and other minorities are killed at a h…[Read more]

  • “What are our American values?” And “What is the American dream?” Are very important questions in this country. Arthur Miller gives his answer to these questions in the book Death of a Salesman. Miller states

    • Hi Annie,
      You did a good job of explaining the book and how the definition of the American Dream is incredibly idealistic or popular during the time I assume your book took place. I like how you examined each character’s arc because it helps me understand differing points of view along with how family is a harder thing to keep steady than one may expect. I also like the socioeconomic criticism you tied into this by talking about the money involved in the story.

  • When I think of what it means to be American the first things that comes to mind are equality and freedom. America really prides itself on being a free and equal country but how true really is that? With the

    • Hello, Annie. I thought your post was persuasive and I agreed with many of your points and pieces of evidence. The portion where you talked about how peoples view change throughout the years, made me think about the Plessy v. Ferguson and Brown v. Board of Education court cases. Because in Plessy v. Ferguson the court concluded that segregation was fine as long as the people were equal, but in Brown v. Board of Education segregation was viewed as unfair and unequal. Overall, this post helped me gain another perspective on the values of freedom and equality. What do you think the government should do to increase the amount of equality between people?

  • This book sounds like a great read and definitely a very interesting story. The mention of the domino effect is very true it is a very real and heartbreaking problem. I liked how you related the book to another story and also to a real life problem.

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