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  • Julia, I found reading your post very interesting, you brought up many good points to consider. I liked the introduction to your blog and how it caught the readers attention. The point you brought up about not knowing the insurance that the driver has is also valid. Sharing our location is something that is extremely dangerous in our society now.…Read More

  • Annie commented on the post, Education Reform

    Hi Peyton! I thought your article was extremely interesting. The fact that only 37% of the curriculum that we see in school is seen in our everyday lives. This is interesting because in class I feel that it was always common that a student asked when we would ever use what we were learning in real life. The teacher that gets asked the question…Read More

  • Haley, I really enjoyed reading your blog post because it is about a topic that I am very passionate about as an athlete. I have always turned to exercise when I’m in a bad mood, or when I am just bit feeling great. Therefore, I really like that you write about the benefits of exercise and how it can improve mood, sleep, and even struggles with m…Read More

  • Maggie, the way you defined empathy as the one of the greatest gifts that humans can have inspires me to think more about the empathy I have towards others. I liked how you explained that we especially need to show empathy when someone is in a time of need, whether it is a physical need or a mental/emotional need. I can also relate your…Read More

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    Effects of Empathy Throughout COVID-19

    Living life in a pandemic is not easy for anyone, but there are some groups of people who have been affected more than others. Personally, I believe the current high school seniors and the older generation, the people just...

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