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  • AnneP21
  • Ariana,
    I really enjoyed your writing and think this is a great topic to bring more light to. I agree that background checks should be something that is required when buying a gun. Raising prices and taxes don’t seem to be protecting anyone just making guns harder for some people to purchase. You were right in saying that this is a very touchy…Read More

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    Annie commented on the post, Teen Vaping

    I enjoyed your post and thought you brought up some great points. There is no denying that vaping has worsened the health of many teens. By the company Juul advertising themself with a slogan like “envision a world where fewer adults use cigarettes.” I feel as if they aren’t directly targeting teens. There are many adults who str…Read More

  • Nic,
    You made some great points in your writing. You mentioned things about the death penalty that I had never thought of. I liked how you added the fact that it was wasting money that could be saved without the death penalty and that you had evidence to back up that and other facts. I think that two large reasons against the death penalty are…Read More

  • Lydia, I enjoyed your writing and I completely agree! With all the biased news channels and outlets it is hard to find the truth nowadays. Not even necessarily the “truth” but the unbiased facts. I loved how you said ” I think that we should listen to a variety of different individuals who come from different backgrounds because their perspectives…Read More

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    Dear Prerna,
    I am impressed with your post “The Bullets You Shoot”. I liked the way you explained the book in a way that doesn’t give any spoilers and that you cited other texts that backed up your arguments. One part that stood out to me was “This book is very important to today’s world. African Americans and other minorities are killed at a h…Read More

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