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  • I completely agree with your point that school is no longer about learning it is about passing. The tests we are given are supposed to test us on what we do and do not know. But now it is about what did and what I didn’t memorize. Think you make your argument stronger by including how the education system treats you and what you have experienced…Read More

  • You know social distancing became a new phrase to me in 2020. I believe that you perfectly explained what it is and how to accomplish it. In the second paragraph, you quoted someone who said that social distancing would be a key factor over the next few days and weeks. I think that that is crazy because here we are 9 months later in a different…Read More

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  • Anna commented on the post, Being American

    I very much agree with you and how being an American can mean different things to may different people. I liked how you used an article for a source as well as using a personal example. Your whole writing was really well done!

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    Reasons Why We Need to Delineate American Values

    There are always many debates, talks, and disputes about what America’s values really are and what Americans stand for. Today, we have many different views on what the core values of America are and what they should be. The...

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    • I agree with you. Different media outlets highlight different parts of a story. You should look at all sides of an issue before taking a stance. In politics, the separation between red and blue is so divided that each side just wants the other to lose. Politicians should be telling us how to make a situation better, not pointing fingers at the other side because blaming each other doesn’t solve problems. I think we are missing a fundamental principle when dealing with others: you should always respect others, no matter what they may or may not believe in. The ultimate goal is to better the lives of the people.

    • I agree with you. Everyone does highlight different parts of the story because they don’t like it even if it isn’t the whole truth or even the truth at all. Everyone always just blames things being the way they are on each other and it’s making things worse even if they say they are making the situation better. And as Jyothika said “we are missing a fundamental principle when dealing with others” and that is because of the lack of respect we have for others when we really should just respect others no matter their beliefs.

    • I thought that your point about how older generations are critical of younger people for criticizing their country is significant. There is a problem in America with blindly bowing to authority just because they tell us we have to. But I’d like to point out that when the founding fathers stood up to the authority of the overbearing British many were under 30 years old and some even under 20. So I argue it’s not just a right to question authority from a young age, but it is our duty as Americans to do so.

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