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    I liked your poem and the meaning behind it. I liked the way you extend the description of certain feelings or scenes. I also liked how you used the word “allow” three times, to me it really added emphasis! Thanks for reminding me to breathe!

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    Seventeen As I watched him disappear up the stairs,  my head and my heart were both racing against the clock. I was seventeen. My hands and my face, both on fire.  My stomach and my head flailing around  like a lost tire. I was seventeen. Depression...

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    • Anna, thank you for sharing your poem. I hope you submitted this as one of your poems for the competition because this is very good. I hope you continue to write after this class is over because I think you have more to say. Great piece!

    • Oh my gosh! I am also seventeen!

  • I completely agree with your point that school is no longer about learning it is about passing. The tests we are given are supposed to test us on what we do and do not know. But now it is about what did and what I didn’t memorize. Think you make your argument stronger by including how the education system treats you and what you have experienced…Read More

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    You know social distancing became a new phrase to me in 2020. I believe that you perfectly explained what it is and how to accomplish it. In the second paragraph, you quoted someone who said that social distancing would be a key factor over the next few days and weeks. I think that that is crazy because here we are 9 months later in a different…Read More

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