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    6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi everyone! My name is Anna Maine, but my students call me Ms. Maine. I teach at Berkeley High School in Berkeley, California. I am from Maine, and I speak English, Spanish and a little bit of Arabic. I am really excited that my students are starting to use Youth Voices, and I hope that students will use this group to talk about the books they are reading. I am writing this post so we can get to know each other. Now that I have introduced myself, please introduce yourself by commenting below!

    In your introduction, please include:
    Your name and pronouns (she/her, he/him, they/them)
    Where you live and where you’re from
    The languages you speak
    The title of the book you are reading now

    Hola todos! Mi nombre es Anna Maine, pero mis estudiantes me llaman Ms. Maine. Soy maestra de inglés en Berkeley, California. Soy de Maine, y hablo inglés, español y arabe. Estoy contenta de empezar a utilizar Youth Voices con mis estudiantes, y espero que ellos usen este sitio para hablar sobre libros. Escribo este mensaje para que nosotros nos conozcamos. Ahora que se sabe un poco de mi, por favor añade un comentario abajo en lo cual se presenta!

    Por favor, escribe
    Tu nombre y pronombres
    Donde vives y de donde eres
    Tus idiomas
    El título del libro que estás leyendo ahora

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    • Hi Everyone! My name is Natalia Navarro, but my students call me Ms. Navarro. My pronouns are she/her. I am originally from Tijuana, Mexico, but I grew up in Sacramento, Elk Grove, Marysville, Galt, and Tijuana. I have lived in the central valley of California for 23 years and call this home. I speak English and Spanish. I am reading Out of This Furnace by Thomas Bell. I can’t wait to learn more about you all and the books you are reading!
      • Hi everyone my name is Joselyn Orozco Cervantes,and my friends call me Joselyn. My pronouns are She/Her. I born in Fremont CA but I grew up in Michoacan mexico,now I live in Orange Cove CA. I speak Spanish and a little bit of English. I am reading “10 blind dates”. I am excited to learn about you all and see the books that you are reading.
          • Hi Joselyn! It’s nice to meet you. I’m looking forward to learning about the book you are reading… it sounds like a romance novel. Is it a romantic story?
          • Hi, My name is Daisy Ibarra, but my friends call me LA DASUGA. My pronouns are she/her. I am from Michoacan Mexico, but I grew up in Iowa, I lived in Mexico for 12 years. I speak Spanish. I am reading You Be The Detective by Marvin Miller.
            • Hello, My name is Leslie Ramirez Hernandez, but my relatives call me my brunette. I am from Tecate Baja California- Mexico. I am 14 years old, I have lived my 13 years in Tecate 9 months in the United States. I speak Spanish, but if English is given the opportunity very soon, I would like very soon to be able to share about my book.
              • Hey! My name is Marlene Ortigoza Martinez and I use (she/her) pronouns. I live in Mexico, and I am from Berkeley, I speak Spanish and English. Right now, I am reading a book called The Dark Tile by Alicia Jasinska..
                • Hi, My name is Rafael Velázquez, but my friends call me Rafa. My pronouns are he/him. I am from California, but I grew up in Jalisco, Mexico. I am 17 years old and right now I live in Mexico because of distance learning, but I’ve been living in the U.S. for 3 years. I am reading Hamlet by William Shakespeare.
                  • Hello everyone!!! My name is Edwin Sol, but my friends call me Edwin. My pronouns are he or him. I am from El Salvador, but right now I am living in Berkeley, California. I speak Spanish and English, I am 18 years old.
                    • Hey! My name is Sephora and I use she/her pronouns. I live in Virginia, and I´m from Haiti. I speak Creole, French, and English. I just finished The Hate u Give and right now I´m reading Punching the air by IBI Zoboi and Yusef Salaam.
                      • My name is Abdul He/Him.I live in Berkeley and I’m from Yemen. I speak Arabic and English. I’m reading the woman in the window.
                        • Hi everyone! My name is Arooj Saleem and I use she/her pronouns. I live in Berkeley, and i am from Pakistan. I speak Pahari, Urdu, Punjabi and English. Right know I am reading “Once Upon An Eid” by S.K. Ali and Aisha Saeed.
                          • Hi my name is Watcharapong Sopak, but I go by Oliver. My pronouns are he/him. I am from Thailand and I speak English and Thai. The book I’m reading now is Big Nate: The Gerbil Ate My Homework by Lincoln Peirce.
                            • Hi My name is Grecia and I use she/or her and i live in Berkeley, California and I am from Mexico. I speak Spanish and English, Right now I am reading THE HATE THE U GIVE by Angie Thomas
                              • hello everyone, my name is Lezly onofre. my pronouns are she/her. I am from Guerrero but i’m living in Orange Cove california. i speak spanish. the book i’m reading now is called a diario de un loco.
                                • Hi my name is Hugo vargas .my pronouns are he/hem.l am from Guerrero but i’m living in orange cove california . i speak spanish. the book i’m reading now is called a hombre perro y supergatito.
                                  • Hello, my name is Evelyn Rodríguez. My pronouns are She \ her. I live in Orange Cove California I am from Michoacan Mexico I lived all my life in Mexico until 9 months ago I arrived in the United States. I speak only Spanish but I am learning English the book I am reading now is The Diary of Anne Frank
                                      • Hi Evelyn! The Diary of Anne Frank is an amazing book. I think you will learn a lot after reading this.
                                        • Hi Evelyn. The Diary of Anne Frank is a fascinating book. I love it. I like how Anne Frank describes her experiences of being a jewish during World War 2.
                                        • Hello everyone my name is Jeimy Rodriguez. My pronouns are She\her. I live in Orange Cove California I am from Zacatecas I speak spanish the book I am reading is called El Unico e Incoparable Ivan.
                                          • Hello everyone, my name is Andrea Aguilar Torres. My pronouns are She \ her. I live in Orange Cove California I am from Michoacan Mexico I do not speak much English my main language is Spanish this is my second year studying in the United States and so far I am reading the book of Nocturno Belfegor.
                                            • So far, the Anne Frank theme reminds me of something that happened. In Anna Frank’s book she writes that they are at war and that they are looking for all Jews to kill them and since they did not want to die they were hiding from the government I think Anna Frank made that diary so they would know what they were willing to do in order to hurt the Jews. That reminds me of when I lived in Mexico in my town there was a poster that defended my town from another who wanted the square, as in the book, some were going to show their faces and others hid for fear of being killed. Do you think what the government was doing was right?
                                              • Hello everyone my name is Estefani Figueroa my pronouns (she\her). I am from Puerto Rico and I living in the Bronx , the language I speak is Spanish but I am learning English and the book i am reading is ”The Hate u Give ” by Angie Thomas I choose this book because it caught my attention and I would like to know more about what it is about.

                                              • hey my name is yeiro brioso but my friend’s call me platanito,yuca and yeiro, i’m from the bronx born in Dominican republic, i came to the u.s when i was 6 years old.i speak, spanish,english and that’s it and i’m reading The Souls of Black Folk by W. E. B. Du Bois. i haven’t read it yet but i’m about to…

                                              • Hello everyone! My name is Christian, I am from the Bronx,NY, I was raised in Puerto Rico. I only speak two language’s which are Spanish and English but i’m always open to learn any other language’s. The book i am currently reading is called “Born A Crime”.



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                                              “You'll always be in our hearts and prayers” doesn't really help at this point

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                                              This moment was so surreal!

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