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    I found your post about fashion intriguing. I myself am a bit of fashion novice and I love street wear. However, I’ve never heard of Taylor Swift street wear and would love for more explanation. One critique I have is what do you mean by Taipei being the “city of neutrals.” If you could add some explanation on this topic, the post would be stronger.

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  • I really like the purpose of this article. Because of COVID, I struggle with procrastination and have been trying to figure out how to break this habit. So ideas like setting goals to cause “intrinsic” motivation is very helpful. Speaking of intrinsic motivation, I wonder if extrinsic motivation is more popular among adults or teenagers and why…Read More

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    Is social media more harmful or helpful to society?

    Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter. All of these are renowned social media platforms that a large majority of people use today. With social media gaining more popularity in recent years, a question of whether this increased use of the social...

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    • Dear Anna,
      Your post made me think about how harmful social media can actually be. The fact that it could damage our mental health is pretty alarming. I wonder if there are ways to prevent this, whether it’s limiting screen time or controlling what we consume from social media.




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