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Overcoming Insecurity View Comment
  • @AnnaG
  • January 20, 2021

Paige, Your post intrigued me because I believe most people our age struggle with insecurities and I think it is good to talk about our struggles as society usually wants us to keep them hidden. I really liked the line “reassurance in your life that can help you get...

Lauren, I was intrigued by your post title since I also believe all Hallmark movies are annoyingly predictable but I cannot help be drawn in anyway. I liked how you included the Countdown to Christmas example as it shows how successful the movies are. I really liked the quote...

Dear Lydia, I was intrigued by your post because I also believe social media has had a great impact on the way our current generation communicates. I agree with the idea that slang has shaped the way we write now to be shorter and less descriptive, which in turn...

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A Call to Pilgrimage View Comment
  • @AnnaG
  • October 31, 2020

Dear Brooke, I was interested about your post because I wanted to understand your perspective on what the ‘call to pilgrimage’ is. I really liked how you specified that a pilgrimage does not have to a religious journey which is what I originally thought pilgrimages to be. One thing...

Dear Diana, I was intrigued by your post from the start because of the title as I know many things are virtual now, but I did not think virtual travel was. But I kept reading because I liked your report on the company in Tokyo making this a ‘reality’...

Dear Paige, I am intrigued by your post because I agree with the idea that social media does not let one fully understand the person behind the screen. I agree it shows the surface of someone and does not let one see the real personality of the creator. One...

Dear Miles, I am happy to read your post because I also agree with you on the fact that climate change is not up for debate; it is a scientific problem that must be addressed. I also was happy to see in your post the different graphs along with...

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What are we to do? View Comment
  • @AnnaG
  • October 23, 2020

Very interesting, Diego. I agree with what you have said about while there is little way for us to reverse the effects of climate change, we should still help to slow the rate of harm done to the earth. It makes me wonder, like you, “in what way can...

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