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    Is AI better than Us?

    Introduction Over the past few weeks, we have been reading a book named Long Division. We used the annotations that we took and put them into AI in order to see if it could create an essay based on our...

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    • I agree, I dislike it when AI occasionally creates fake identities and situations. In response to your question, “Is AI better than us?” No, although I think it can be useful when creating images, I don’t really enjoy using it when writing essays. 

    • I really liked how you commented on how AI is not always correct, and how you raised the question “Is AI better than Us?.” I think that’s an important question to consider. I also really like how you used the essay with the wrong author and title to show how AI is not always correct.

    • I agree with your criticism of using AI to write your essays. I also found a problem with the AI’s accuracy. I do think that due to this, there needs to be a lot of proofreading. One positive impact is that AI can provide ideas that you can use to build off of and write about. You need to work together with AI to maximize its efficiency. Also, the title is very attention-grabbing, I love it.

    • I agree with your criticism of employing artificial intelligence to produce your essays. I also discovered an issue with the AI’s accuracy. Because of this, I believe there should be a lot of proofreading. One good aspect is that AI can generate ideas for you to build on and write about. To maximize AI’s efficiency, you must collaborate with it. I also like the title, which is quite catchy.

  • Your pictures and video at the end really go together. I also liked how you put what you thought as well about what you heard from the 1619 project.

  • What changes do you think should be made so that black men won’t be painted to society as dangerous?

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    Aniyah commented on the post, Can We Breathe?

    I like how you explained your thoughts about each episode when watching them. Your pictures and the song that you chose go perfectly with what you wrote as well!!

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    Aniyah commented on the post, Pride and Proud

    I love how you tied the 1619 Project, Gender, and the LGBTQ+ community together. I feel like they definitely go hand and hand. The video gave me more insight as well on what others go through and how it affects them.

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Is AI better than Us?

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