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    I agree that Kiese Laymon’s “Long Division” is a powerful novel that addresses complex issues in American society through the character of City. The use of satire and social commentary is particularly effective in highlighting the hypocrisies and injustices of small-town life and the societal expectations that shape our perception of ourselves and…Read More

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    Anisa commented on the post, Themes of Long Division

    It’s fascinating to see how AI technology can assist in bringing together various thoughts and ideas to create a cohesive piece of writing.I also like how you highlight the importance of being specific with prompts and instructions to get the most out of AI technology. Although AI is becoming more popular and is the future, there is still a sense…Read More

  • It’s great to hear that you found AI helpful in generating an essay that explores the distinctive themes of “Long Division” by Kiese Laymon. I agree with you that AI can be a valuable resource for certain tasks, especially in organizing and presenting large amounts of information. However, I also believe that the human touch is crucial in refining…Read More

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    How AI Has Helped Me

    Before: AI mojo in the Youth Voices digital platform has proven to be helpful in many ways. For example, it has allowed for more efficient moderation of user-generated content, ensuring that inappropriate or harmful posts are quickly identified and removed....

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    • I like how honest you were about AI and how you gave the pros and cons. One thing I would change is the output ai give to try and give it more info to get more detailed response

  • wowwwww, so powerful! usually people do think of failure and rejection as a bad thing when in reality those things make you a step closer to your success. but we shouldn’t ever have regrets. if you want it, go for it! very inspiring. thank you for this insight!

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