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From Fall To Winter


Knorr uses imagery and personification in the first two lines.


This line gives me a feeling of tranquility.

I like how detailed Knorr's writing is because as I read I can visualize everything that is happening.

Fonny was falsely accused and put in jail for a crime he didn't commit.

I agree

The fact that Tish was willing to sell herself to set Fonny free just shows how much she truly loves him and that she would do anything for him, But if she's pregnant what about the baby?

She is working while pregnant.

Fonny thinks that the lawyer isn't trying hard enough since Fonny is still in jail for a crime he didn't commit.

I agree

I agree

I agree

I'm really glad to see Fonny getting the love and support he needs from his family.

It seems that Tish is dependent on Fonny. She wouldn't be able to handle being without him if he goes to jail.

I'm proud of them and I'm glad they got approval from Joseph (Tish's father).

Agreed. It makes no sense how he said that so quickly and abruptly.

I like how Fonny knows what he wants and even though he may be nervous he is still answering Joseph's questions with absolute certainty.

I agree

Fonny has never loved any other girl the way he loves Tish.

I agree



(Question) Did Mrs. Hunt attempt to kill one of her own children?

Ernestine is threatening Adrienne.



I feel like frank is trying to tell Joseph how the lawyer may act all nice now since he wants money but once he gets what he wants he wouldn't care much about the case or anyone involved in it.

I agree with this because after he offers everyone a drink.

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