• Your piece said a lot about the type of person you are. You are a strong person who struggled to accept your name but at the end of the day you take pride in it, forgetting the negative story behind it. I liked it and it was really nice to read the metaphors. Great Job!!

  • My full name is Angie Cassandra Cedillo the Significance to my first name was given to me by my aunt and mother. My mother’s story behind naming me is giving me her nickname as Angie. She gave me this nickname

    • I like how you wrote this and it seems interesting to me that when you were growing up you didn’t like your name so much until you grew into it and that when I was growing up I liked my name a lot and when I found out I had a step brother I started to hate my name. Good Job!

  • Dear Alex L,
    Your idea of hiring more policeman on duty is questioning because how will it really make a difference? I understand it is to provide more jobs for the people but not many people are qualified for this position. Because who would be hiring these officers and ensuring we hire “good officers” other than “bad officers”. It is just an…[Read more]

  • Dear Billy,
    I agree with the fact that the human race is the one to blame for the affects we have caused to planet. Maybe you should look for articles on climate change and the damages it has done around the world, which is a leading cause to the change in weather and potential extinction to animals on earth. You could also look for the over…[Read more]

  • Dear Cicely, I appreciate you for talking about mental health, it is such a big topic that many other people might not see it as an issue. But in fact it is, where there are people having to cope with their mental health issue. Now a days there are many people dealing with anxiety, I can say I am one of those people. But I am glad you were able to…[Read more]

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