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    Dear Yaqui,
    I couldn’t imagine how you could have felt but as little as you were when your father died I know it was probably super tough to go through growing up. You are really brave sharing about this. I really appreciated the explanations you put on how you felt so people would understand.

  • Dear Luis,
    I enjoyed your comic, it was a story on how you found a passion through cars by taking pictures of them. I’ve seen your pictures and they turn out really nice. I like the details you put like the streets it was a nice touch. Keep taking pictures!

  • Dear Jose,
    I liked this peice it was very you! Well I know the type of person that you are and this wasn’t such a surprise to me. But what did surprise me was you actually opening up and being more understanding of yourself. I am proud of you, hope you write more!

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    Dear Cristina,
    I can feel the emotions you released into this poem. I can picture Tupac or logic reading this and they would be impressed! I sure hell am! I love you unconditionally !! Man this was one hell of a poem and hope you keep writing more.

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    Dear Miguel,
    It was fun to read your comic “not an actual representation of Miguel” it was pretty funny. But I liked the story you were trying to get at, that even though you and your brother would always argue you guys have learned to get along. Which is always a happy ending and that is usually what happens when you have older siblings.

  • Dear Elliot,
    I for one I enjoyed the poem it expressed creativity because you didn’t know what to write about. But at the same time you used that to generate emotions when a writer is stuck on writing something. I liked the repatition you used from the beginning and end, it makes sense. But I hope you’re inspired one day to write something tha…[Read more]

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    Dear Rosario,
    I know it’s hard to open up about how you feel and especially about your father and how you felt that was a stranger to you. I loved this, I really felt the emotion within every line. When you said “But I don’t know if they were sad tears of finally seeing you or tears of just feeling sorry for you“ it really struck me because…[Read more]

  • Dear Joe,
    I was actually curious to read your poem, it flows nicely. Have you heard the saying, curiosity killed the cat? I am the cat because i wanted to know what you were trying to say, and it makes sense. I appreciate your curiosity of things and asking questions and the positives of being curious.

  • Dear Yaqui,
    Your poem is so good, you are such a strong person for writing about this. Explaining how much you care speaks a lot about the type of person you are and you are not afraid to bring it up. I appreciate you as a person for speaking on this, because you are a caring person.

  • Dear Luis,
    I like how you motivate yourself everyday to continue going to the gym every morning even when you feel like you don’t want to, you persevere. Most people would give up but that is really good that you go so early in the morning.

  • Why do we fall in love?

    Man meets woman

    Woman meets woman

    Man meets Man


    Simple love, but is it long lasting Love?


    But why do we fall for one another,

    experiment with one another,

    • Dear Angie, I am shocked by your poem, “Why I’m Emotional As Hell,” because you made it rhyme so well. I can almost hear Tupac read it in his tone of voice. One part of your poem that stands out for me is where you start question loving each other but we still hurt each other. I think this is powerful because these two things are juxtapositions but you made them go so well together. Another part that I really liked is where you start saying how we should be helping each other grow. This stood out for me because I agree with you, we should be helping each other. Thanks for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next, because I’m sure you speak from your heart!

    • Angie, I absolutely love your poem. It seems very personal to you. I think it’s awesome that you shared it on youthvoices. I always love reading poetry and I have to say yours is one of my favorites that I’ve read on youthvoices so far! I think it’s interesting you connected love with your emotions. I hope you continue to write poetry. Thanks again for sharing this!

    • Dear Angus,
      Logic better ask you to be in his new songs. I love how in your pom you question thyself and one another. Your poem had meaning, one that we can all relate to. Thank you for making us think about the hate and love that we see everyday and make us question why it happens. This poem was beautiful to read!

    • Angie, I really loved your poem. I can tell it came from the heart and it was very well written. The entire poem flows very well and I really enjoyed reading through it. I look forward to read what you write next.

    • Angie, I raly enjoyed your poem. I think it is very hard to be very introspsective on your life and feelings and publish it for people to read. You put a lot of time and effort and the rhyme scheme is very impressive. Personally I like the realness your poem presents. I think the thought of why we do things for love and why we continue to be hurtful when In reality we are hurting ourselves is truthful. I also like your idea of growing form one another. Great job and keep writing.

    • Dear Angie, I really like your poem. It was well written and shows that you really put work into it.One part that I really liked is where you start saying how we should be helping each other grow. This stood out for me because I agree with you, we should be helping each other. I look forward to reading more stuff from you.

    • Angie—
      This is a very spectacular piece of poetry. It examines many of the baffling, important questions that have puzzled human beings for centuries. I like the and tone and feel of your poem. Its rhythm slides off the tongue like a small taxi off the busy cobbled streets of Milan on a breezy Summer’s day. You provided a provocative, yet demure word choice and it all came together to create a wonderful piece of art.

  • Your piece said a lot about the type of person you are. You are a strong person who struggled to accept your name but at the end of the day you take pride in it, forgetting the negative story behind it. I liked it and it was really nice to read the metaphors. Great Job!!

  • My full name is Angie Cassandra Cedillo the Significance to my first name was given to me by my aunt and mother. My mother’s story behind naming me is giving me her nickname as Angie. She gave me this nickname

    • I like how you wrote this and it seems interesting to me that when you were growing up you didn’t like your name so much until you grew into it and that when I was growing up I liked my name a lot and when I found out I had a step brother I started to hate my name. Good Job!

    • Your story is very interesting Angie! I love how your name was chosen by your mother instead of your father. The story you decided to tell was structured in a proper way. Especially when you recognised how much a name matters to a person.

    • Dear Angie,

      I really enjoyed reading about your name and the meaning behind it. A line that I enjoyed reading was “My full name is Angie Cassandra Cedillo the Significance to my first name was given to me by my aunt and mother.” It’s cool that you know who gave your name. Another line that I enjoyed reading was “I grew into my name and I now know that there are very few people with the name Angie and if there is, it is usually a nickname and short for a longer name like Angelica or Angelique.” I enjoyed reading that line because I also have a nickname but I only get called at my house with my family. I can’t wait to read what you write in the future.


  • Dear Alex L,
    Your idea of hiring more policeman on duty is questioning because how will it really make a difference? I understand it is to provide more jobs for the people but not many people are qualified for this position. Because who would be hiring these officers and ensuring we hire “good officers” other than “bad officers”. It is just an…[Read more]

  • Dear Billy,
    I agree with the fact that the human race is the one to blame for the affects we have caused to planet. Maybe you should look for articles on climate change and the damages it has done around the world, which is a leading cause to the change in weather and potential extinction to animals on earth. You could also look for the over…[Read more]

  • Dear Cicely, I appreciate you for talking about mental health, it is such a big topic that many other people might not see it as an issue. But in fact it is, where there are people having to cope with their mental health issue. Now a days there are many people dealing with anxiety, I can say I am one of those people. But I am glad you were able to…[Read more]

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