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  • Dear Patricia:

    I am impressed by your post, “Teenagers nowadays drive while using the phone,” because it is so well-rounded about how teens now don’t have any self-regard for their actions. Especially when it comes to something as important as driving because being able to drive is a huge responsibility and the teens who text while driving know…Read More

  • Angel wrote a new post

    A Day Off for Mental Health

    In the article, "A Day Off for Mental Health" (Upfront, Caron,2022) I learned that teens around the country are pushing the concept of sick days to bolster mental wellness. This is due to the stress that these teens are...

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  • Dear Ascha,

    I am very thankful for your post, “Mental Health Awareness in Schools,” because I feel like nowadays, students feel more stressed by everything that is going on around their lives. Nowadays there are so many things to worry about, which can have a negative effect on students’ mental health. Not only are there things at schoo…Read More

  • Angel commented on the post, What You Thought You Knew

    Dear Emily:

    I am enlightened by your post, “What You Thought You Knew.” because you understand and are trying to help others understand the importance of habits of mind. Also, you support your argument with facts that have proven its impact on students and people in general.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is: “Questioning and…Read More

  • I am intrigued by your post, “Actor Makes History at Oscars,” because it goes to show that anybody can do anything even when they are held back by whatever obstacles are in their way. Some doubt those who want to become what they inspire to be because of an illness or disability they have, but your post shows a certainty about how even with dou…Read More

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A Day Off for Mental Health

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