• Dear Jose,

    One sentence that you wrote that stands out to me is “Why I’m stubborn as hell because I don’t want to agree with others Why I’m stubborn as hell because I can be like a wall”. I think this is a strong line because you compare your self to something that is hard to get pass threw and people who are stubborn get their way there every…[Read more]

  • Dear Cristina,

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “I’m careful about my decisions Because the decisions I make can hurt me and others as well.”. I think this is a strong line because many people aren’t careful of their decisions. Not knowing that it can hurt others and you putting it out there can be helpful for people to read and r…[Read more]

  • Why I’m Energetic As Hell
    Why I’m energetic as hell.

    I’m energetic as hell because

    I don’t like to sit down,

    bored with nothing to do.

    I’m energetic as hell because

    I don’t find myself without doi

    • Dear Angel,
      I am very pleased after reading your poem. A lot of people are bothered by energetic people, I like that you put out that it’s okay to be energetic and it’s okay because it’s a part of who you are and it shouldn’t matter what people think. My favorite line was where you said that it was okay to be too energetic because it was who you were and it’s a part of you. I really enjoyed your poem and also how talked about how sports and soccer were part of your energy. I

  • It’s interesting how you don’t mind people calling you by your nickname even if you just met them. It shows how open you are to making new friendships something that it’s not seen a lot in Life.

  • Angel Rodriguez

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    English 3rd Period



    My name is Angel Alexander Rodriguez Zavala and I have a very strong positive connection to my name. I have this strong positive

    • Angel,
      I liked that you told the stories with your nicknames. I though diablito was funny because I think I called you that at some point. My relationship to my name is very similar to yours because we both like it. I also feel that the nicknames given to you were a good fit.
      Good Job!

    • Dear, Angel
      My name is Melody I am a freshman at life academy. I read your memoir and I wanna say that I can relate to your story about nicknames because in my family we are really big on nicknames mostly everyone in my family has a nickname and I know how special that can be. I really enjoyed reading your name memoir because it was interesting on the other hand I have a question for you what nickname do u get called the most if you had to choose between the ones u are called? And i’m sorry about your loss I know how hard it is to go through that especially if you were close with the person. I myself have lost someone not that long ago and I know that people saying that they are reminded of the person because of you is something to feel special about especially if it brings them joy. I hope to hear back from you keep up the good work.

    • Dear Angel,
      I liked that you told how you got your name. Something that stood out to me was “Once again I just like my name the way it is and I want it to stay like that.” that stood out to me because I can tell that your happy with your name and also proud of it.

  • HI Angel,
    I really enjoyed reading your prologue it’s really nice and detailed.

  • Hi Gaby,
    I like your art piece because it has a lot of detail and nice drawings. I also like how you described why you choose those pieces to draw and give a short story to describe it. 🙂

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