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  • Dear Karen Sr,

    I am interested in your post “Screen Time: How much Should Children Have?” because you talk about how too much screen time affects children and how they become anti-social or the most important thing is not facing reality at all even though it’s gonna hit them like a brick wall sooner or later when they grow up.

    One sentence you…Read More

  • Angel commented on the post, Persisting

    Dear Marlen,

    I am inspired by your post “Persistance” because of the way you describe persistence and how far you can get if you just push through it and how you feel really motivated to do good things because of good habits in your life. The reason why it is really inspiring is that sometimes I feel unmotivated and lazy and I lack the…Read More

  • Angel commented on the post, Evil

    Dear Valentin,
    I am very intrigued by your post “Evil” because you explore the concept of it and where or how the ideas were created way back in time. One sentence that stands out for me is the idea of yin and yang, and also one idea I’ve never heard of before was the brightest lights create the darkest shadows. Thanks for your writing. I look…Read More

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