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P.U.L.S.E. High School

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Bronx, New York, USA

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Jessica Hernandez-Speer

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I am Angeliz Freytes .. I was born in allentown pennsylvania on May 4th , 1999. I moved to the bronx at the age of two . I lived on 167 and summit and moved to 180th and washington in the bronx and i’ve lived there since for about 15 years now . My nationalities are a combination of  puerto rican and german , i have four brothers and one sister , i’m the second youngest and then comes my little brother . Out of my five siblings i am the first up to get close to graduating high school , not one of my four older siblings kept their promises to my parents that they would finish now the pressure is on me , as ambitious as i am though i know i can do it .
My favorite subject is math , it’s always been since grade school . it’s always been something i was good at . Ever since i’ve started attending pulse high school i’ve found myself taking interests into living environment and music . Being that i’m more focused into what i am doing in school ive found myself being good at different things. Once upon a time i was a cheerleader in my old highschool the squad would hold activities to sell goods or bring the school community together for breast cancer awareness etc. School hasn’t always been my strongest point though i’m not going to lie , it was hard for me to come to school on time and stay in school all day . I never really liked the school environment i was in i always felt like i had better things to do , however recently that’s all changed .

Outside of school ? I don’t do much , i work part time in the foot locker on fordham road as a cashier , i enjoy my work place because i’m learning new life skills when it comes to business and management . I’ve been working there for about a year now since october 30th 2016 . i’ve grown a lot since then i am more familiar with the cooperation and quite frankly it’s grown to mean a lot to me . Other than at work i tend to spend time with my parents and siblings when were together it always turn out nothing but good vibes after all we are siblings . Something i’ve found myself to be good at surprisingly is cooking . My mom pretty much raised herself starting at a young ago so her cooking skills happen to amaze me , especially because one of my older brothers picked up her cooking skills as well . I guess cooking was considered a hidden talent i picked up from my mom .

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