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    Domestic Violence

    Dear Victims of Domestic Violence and the City of Oakland, First, I am writing to Victims to let you know you are not alone and you are seen. I want to partner with you so people help you. Secondly, the...

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    • Domestic Violence is such as serious topic to talk about. People to be mature about this horrible issue in society. The actions that are being taken in “control” should not just be putting people in jail. The trauma of the victims will never be replaced, it is a scar on this life forever. No one should ever go these problems, it is just one of the worst things that can happen.

    • I admire you for bringing awareness to such an important topic of domestic abuse. Your data supported your claim that domestic abuse has emotional, physical, and mental effects. Your piece has served as a great way to advocate for those who are most vulnerable under the circumstances of domestic abuse.

    • I really like your work and the graphs you showed to support it. I also liked how you found data from other sources and talked about how the women described how they felt. There really is a lack of understanding of domestic abuse and your plan to work on it and help others is an inspiration.

    • Dear Angelina:
      I am amazed by your post “Domestic Violence” because you give an understanding of the situation many people experience every day. Situations like those that involve domestic abuse is what we should think about because some people think that is something normal which is not. One sentence that stood out to me is “Physical abuse can leave traumatic scars, internal and external for the victim no matter what there will always be scars left behind, whether other people can see it or not.” I think this is shocking because not everyone would think that physical abuse is also going to affect someone mentally. Which here you stated that physical abuse is something that will stay as a scar mentally because of the trauma that person happened.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you surprised me with the information given about this abuse happening to a lot of people. Those people should know that they are not alone that they can find help and that they should trust more people with their situation so they can be helped.

      Fatima Esparza

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    Did you know that littering has become an unacceptable habit for Oakland? Also, did you know that Oakland can face many expenses just from littering? Littering is when people leave trash such as items, objects,

    Littering in Oakland

    Did you know that littering has become an unacceptable habit for Oakland? Also, did you know that Oakland can face many expenses just from littering? Littering is when people leave trash such as items, objects, on the ground making...

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    • Dear Angelina,

      You had a great argument on littering in Oakland but I have to disagree with it. First of all, I don’t see that much trash here and I think that there are bigger problems that we should be focusing on. For example there is a ton of homeless individuals who don’t get help, a drug problem, and lots of violence. Those are problems that I think are things we need to focus on first before we worry about trash.

      Sugeiry <];)

    • Hi Angelina! I enjoyed reading what you wrote. I think that making the picking up of the litter into a paid job is a great idea and would have a better turnout in the long run. I also realize that your article is only about litter in that specific area, but my boarder question is this: where would the trash go after it is picked up? Would it just go somewhere else and create a problem there? Overall I thought this was really great because every country has a littering problem that needs to be discussed. Great Job!

    • Angelina,
      Great job! I thought your article was very interesting and important. Here is an article that discusses littering in general that tells the causes, problems, and solutions.
      I have lived in California myself and remembering seeing a lot of litter. It is upsetting to see people do not care about fixing these problems because we all live on the planet and need to make a difference to take care of the planet. I liked your use of sources because it made your argument stronger. I think by paying people to pick up trash would be good for some people, but could retaliate and therefore more people would throw trash on the ground because they would claim well someone is payed to do that so I will not do anything. It is shocking that even though people can be fined for trash, they do not pick it up. Having more access to trash cans can make a difference because there are more places to throw things away. All in all I thought you had a great argument and I think with the article I shared with you, you can find more solutions to help the problems in Oakland and throughout the world.

    • Trash is trash. And people need to learn how to pick up after themselves. Humans ignore the fact that trash creates a huge problem for our enviroment.

    • Dear Angelina, I think your post was amazing because you really explained the problem of this community’s littering problem that hurts our environment and it really emphasises on how it’s causing problems in our community. A line that stuck out to me was “Oakland residents don’t pick up after their trash, they will have to pay an expensive fine for illegal dumping” because it really spoke to me how it’s impacting us in negative ways that we have to pay in our own cash for illegal dumpings and it’s just wrong. Thanks for writing and keep it up!

    • Hey Angelina! I think that this is a great piece that identifies a problem in your local community that affects a wide variety of people and things. Littering is a huge problem all across America and you gave a great visual to what is happening in Oakland. I think that adding a tax or a fine for littering on the whole city would help reduce the amount of litter because it would require them to be aware of the trash they are creating by paying a price. I love that you gave a list of solutions, this article ,, has a whole list of solutions that ordinary people everywhere could implement that would reduce the litter little by little. I also liked that you referenced your sources of where you got your information. I wonder how long it would take to see results in the city? I hope that this inspires others to not litter and raise awareness of the impact of trash. Great Job!

    • I think your article is very interesting! Littering is definitely a problem we need to solve.

    • Dear Angelina, your article was super interesting and very informative. I really enjoyed reading it and completely agree with you on the basis that littering is a very serious issue that is happening in our communities and on this planet as a whole. It’s crazy to learn that the city has to pay fees upwards of 5 million dollars just to pick up all the trash that it’s citizens leave around the streets. I was also really happy to learn about the record trash pick-up that happened last year; it is absolutely insane that there was already over 100,000 pounds of trash picked up and that there is even more left to be cleaned up. This earth is so mistreated by its inhabitants and it is an issue that also weighs on my mind. I think that your idea of the city paying volunteers to pick up trash is a great idea! I hope that these bay area cities, specifically Oakland, soon finds better ways to counteract the litter issue it’s facing.

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    My Shadow Box represents the real me and topics about me that no one notices or knows. When people look at me they only see a teenage girl that looks happy and ok nothing to deal with but I actually have many

    Shadow Box Artist Statement

    My Shadow Box represents the real me and topics about me that no one notices or knows. When people look at me they only see a teenage girl that looks happy and ok nothing to deal with but I...

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    • Dear Angelina,
      I am stunned by your shadow box, “Shadow Box” because i can see that numerous people can relate to your counter and dominant narratives shown in the box. This box does not show a lot of colors but holds thousands of words. Words that people internalized or used to liberate themselves. It’s all a mix of emotions. One sentence you used that stands out to me is, “My shadow box might not tell everything about my chosen or assigned identities but the ones I feel a little more comfortable sharing with others.” I think this is extremely relatable to tons and tons of people who have yet to come out of their comfort zone. I am assuming that some of your identity is shown in this box and what you haven’t told is stick with you. But the rest is unknown. So many people can relate to that. Another thing that stood out to me is that I think what I see is a pencil laying in your box. Does this mean that writing is one of your hobbies? Or becoming a writer is a goal you’ll soon accomplish? If so, I hope to see more of this kind of work. I can tell that you are good at explaining your identity to people.


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