• My Shadow Box represents the real me and topics about me that no one notices or knows. When people look at me they only see a teenage girl that looks happy and ok nothing to deal with but I actually have many

    • Dear Angelina,
      I am stunned by your shadow box, “Shadow Box” because i can see that numerous people can relate to your counter and dominant narratives shown in the box. This box does not show a lot of colors but holds thousands of words. Words that people internalized or used to liberate themselves. It’s all a mix of emotions. One sentence you used that stands out to me is, “My shadow box might not tell everything about my chosen or assigned identities but the ones I feel a little more comfortable sharing with others.” I think this is extremely relatable to tons and tons of people who have yet to come out of their comfort zone. I am assuming that some of your identity is shown in this box and what you haven’t told is stick with you. But the rest is unknown. So many people can relate to that. Another thing that stood out to me is that I think what I see is a pencil laying in your box. Does this mean that writing is one of your hobbies? Or becoming a writer is a goal you’ll soon accomplish? If so, I hope to see more of this kind of work. I can tell that you are good at explaining your identity to people.

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