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That would be hard to make happen even now in days is still racism but not as obvious as before

Why would I make people believe that black folks are fit to be a slave for my business when I could make them work for me and everyone get the equal amount they deserve

But only if they knew that most of the crimes be the white peoples for the simple of fact they think they could get away with anything because they look so innocent but now in days nobody is innocent .

What does he means exactly here ?

What he means by racism idea?

I’m going to steal this sentence! And it’s funny to see this because I have always said that your past is what makes what you are as a person in the present life.

why is this girl acting like shes scared or something?

is daneil the kid that was friend with him when they were little kids and drop him because of the situation that had happen with tish and fonny?

what does crucifix mean?

she had a nightmare right?

she was talking about her baby?

no I think she is hidden something

but why she still working why won't her dad and her sister starts doing overtime

its not even that shes getting pay to stay shut

i feels like shes happy because something good is about to happen with the fonny situation

its not even that her daughter is about to have his baby and her mother knows how much she needs fonny

he's not a rapist tho

yes that's true but they somehow failed to realize

wow that's sad how they judge fonny like this

what does he mean by this?

its crazy to say but life is still a struggle till this day

that's true especially coming from a mother

racism was really destroying a lot of black people back of the days no wonder they want to take over now

ouu they have dirt on the cop !

what she means by a fool never says he is a fool?

why would she go mad isn't she trying to find the real rapists?

how was fonny represented as a rapist to her?

wait did test the women for rape?

nothing have change honestly cops do whatever make them please

black cat does she means a black person?

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