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Walt the Man Behind the Myth

In the documentary Walt the Man Behind the Myth it is made clear that Walt was loved unconditionally and that his life was no easier than mine or yours may be. Going into detail about all the stories that piece together his personal and professional life along with all the creations he has come to develop. Going into depth about […]

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Walt Disney the Ruler of the Magic Kingdom

In this article as I was annotating I realized that the author of this article right away devised and explained what it was they wanted to mention about Walt Disney. That truly while Walt was successful at the same time he struggled very greatly. Walt reached the point where he was reduced to living in his studio, and if it […]

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The One the Only Walter Elias Disney

Walter Elias Disney, to be completely honest I wasn’t even aware Walt Disney had a middle name. The more I dive into who this man really is the more surprised I become. Walter Elias Disney went through a lot more than one would assume, but the truth is he went through as much as anyone else could. His father was […]

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Who really is Walt Disney?

Print this page. Author Angelica

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Where does one draw the line on when to rebel and how far should it go?

Rebellion is something that has been seen all our lives. An act of violent or open resistance used in order to defend one’s personal point. Anything from peaceful marchers to violent protests. An act of rebellion can only go so far. So when do we know when too much is enough. And when is it safe to say that a […]

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More than one side to drinking

In contrast to my overall opinion on the drinking age I have found research that explains why the drinking age should be lowered from 21 and not raised. It goes over many important key factors and shows that there are valid reasons for lowering the age instead of just raising it. According to Ali Throm in Lowering the Drinking Age […]

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Should the legal drinking age be more or less than 21 years old?

When it comes to drinking in my opinion I believe that things should stay the way they have already been established. Laws have been made for a reason, and these laws are here to allow us to be more safe, and make  better choices. I come from a culture and family where being handed a beer at the age of […]

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