• Christian I really love that your choosing this topic to write about and look into especially because it’s such a heavy topic especially today in our world. But I agree that peace can really be met only when we come together and truly are able to understand each other. Great job and I love the way you talk about this topic.

  • In the documentary Walt the Man Behind the Myth it is made clear that Walt was loved unconditionally and that his life was no easier than mine or yours may be. Going into detail about all the stories that piece

    • Angelica, how do you think the uncertainty and pitfalls made Walt Disney the way he was, besides not being able to build his empire? I am curious as to how it affected him as a person. I think that would be a cool insight for your paper.

    • Angelica, I found your topic so interesting! Walt Disney was so inspirational for so many people, but it is easy for use to glamorize someone who seems to have anything. Do you think his personal issues affected the dark themes or early Disney movies? Here is a link you might like, https://screenrant.com/disney-movies-too-dark-for-kids-inappropriate/. Given I know it is not the most reliable source, but it could help you get some insight. Let me know what you think and overall great job!
      -Anna Drossos

    • Dear Angelica:

      I am surprised by your post “ Walt the man behind the myth”, because your write about that sometimes we judge a person’s story and alone just because we see that his life seems very easy, but enreality is not.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “ judge a person’s story, and to not assume that they are as simple as they may seem.” I think this is true because nothing is as it seems.

      THanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because is interesting the that you write.


  • Ari I found this really interesting to read about and I think it’s really cool to look more into. I really agree that a lot of the time the media can impact a lot the way that we can view politics. Whether this can be in a positive or negative way and a lot of the time it does seem to be negative. I think your doing an amazing job and to keep…[Read more]

  • In this article as I was annotating I realized that the author of this article right away devised and explained what it was they wanted to mention about Walt Disney. That truly while Walt was successful at

  • Walter Elias Disney, to be completely honest I wasn’t even aware Walt Disney had a middle name. The more I dive into who this man really is the more surprised I become. Walter Elias Disney went through a lot m

  • Angelica commented on the post, I Remember 1 year, 3 months ago

    Ethan I think your poem is very interesting and I like all the different topics you include and all the different feelings as well. It’s done very well.

  • I think these pictures speak very well to what your community and life can be like and I think they truly are very beautiful.

  • Anna I have already really enjoyed the topic you are researching and I find it interesting that people are often really fascinated by the terrible things they do as serial killers. I think i rings true very well especially like in the shows we often enjoy watching like criminal minds. I found this article that I think will help you in your…[Read more]

  • Katie I found this to be an interesting topic and had no idea that what the genre was then isn’t really what it is now. I also really liked that you included examples of literature that fell in the genre of fantasy. Very interesting and very well portrayed. I enjoyed it a lot. I also found some more information on fantasy that you would find…[Read more]

  • When you ask someone who Walt Disney is everyone in one way or another can find some way to answer. But do we really know this man and what he went through in his life. This very successful creative man was

  • Bryan I really do like the way you have explained and gone into depth about this book, but more than that I love the slide show and illustrations you have provided. I feel like with those images it helps get your point across all that more. I also found an article tying it into social media today that I think you may…[Read more]

  • Penelope I found this such an interesting topic to look into, and found it to ring very true especially in relating to my own personal experiences. I feel like a lot of the time people do reflect to their horoscopes in times of confusion or need. Thanks again this was so interesting to learn about and I found another article on this that I think…[Read more]

  • Anika I think you did an amazing job on the topic of uniforms. I really like that you provided the history behind the dress code and I found it very interesting. I found a source on the pros and cons on uniforms and I believe it will be very useful to your research. Great job Anika!

  • Marshall,
    I agree with the point you make that what american means can be very different depending on the person and their experiences. I also like how you provide other examples like literature rather than just pointing out the views of other people. I think you did very well in providing a sense of what american means. I also found this source…[Read more]

  • Rebellion is something that has been seen all our lives. An act of violent or open resistance used in order to defend one’s personal point. Anything from peaceful marchers to violent protests. An act of r

  • Gwen I really liked all the input and information that was in your article and how sad these facts can really be and how real it is in today’s world. How true it rings and that it shouldn’t be this way. I also liked when you mentioned STEM as well. I also found this article that I think would be helpful to your research as well. Thank you again…[Read more]

  • Angelica commented on the post, Alcoholism 1 year, 7 months ago

    Oswaldo I think that this poem is very personal and rings very true to a lot of things that have happened in my life. I love that you made multiple comparison’s like to Romeo and Juliet and tied that into why something like this can become so bad. I found this article which I think really ties into your post and you might enjoy. Thank you again…[Read more]

  • Kelsey I would have to say that I overall agree with your post strongly that people should not be judged in any way and situation just because of their race. When reading your post I really enjoyed that you put a lot of input on how you saw things and then included opinions from other sources as well and made a connection. This was very well…[Read more]

  • Lindsey I have to agree with your post on gun control. I think that it proves a very great point in our society today and shows that things are becoming more and more crazy, like how you mentioned in your post that bullets are even made available in vending machines to some people in specific areas. I really liked as well that you includes 3 and…[Read more]

  • Angelica commented on the post, Why We Stand 1 year, 8 months ago

    I say I have to agree with what you say in your post.That in our society we have our own values and a say in the choices we make. I also believe that the way that you included the declaration of independence made your point all that much more stronger. I also found more information on human rights that i think would go really well with your…[Read more]

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