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The stress of high school

I discovered in the article ¨High School Stress¨ that high school give out so much stress to the students for example when it comes the end of school and they have a C in the class and giving them a final exam test then the student will have so much stress on them because if they not pass the class […]

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Have we become too reliant on technology?

Have we become too reliant on technology in our day to day lives? There are many different arguments about technology who support it or those who oppose it.  But I think that we are too reliant on our technology. Everyday people are always on their phones, computers, and some electronics to help us in our day to day life which […]

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Should schools control the students’ social media?

In the article ¨Should schools be allowed to control students social media posts?¨ I learned that  school should not control what the students post about their school unless if the student is bullying, sending threats and so on then the school can step in. The school should not punish a student who was saying negative things about the school on […]

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Traditional art and Digital art

In the article ¨Is digital art fake?¨ I learned that digital art and traditional art are not so different from one another. They both need the art skills to know how to draw traditional art and digital art. The traditional art is easier to master but does take some time to do so. For a digital artist it needs more […]

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War is traumatizing

In the article ¨War hurts people tremendously¨ I learned that  people who went through war are having physical and mental trauma from it. Many people know how war is cruel and how many people have lost their lives in combat. Therefore people who have experienced war first know how brutal and how desperate war really is. After the war, some […]

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Russia and Ukraine tensions are Rising

In the article ¨Tensions Rising between Russia and Ukraine¨ I learned that Ukraine has tried to establish alliances with the western nations. Russia tries to maintain the relationship with Ukraine but in 2014 Russian focus has occupied Dubas, Ukrainian southeastern region that borders Russia. Ukraine’s independent government has resisted Russian annexations from Putin. As is known, there has been a […]

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Are electric cars worth it or not?

In the article ¨What is better, gas or electric powered cars¨  I learned the pros and cons of using electric cars. The electric cars have to be recharged after a few 200 mils or so, gas-powered cars are far more better then the electric cars. Electric cars have many problems that these cars are expensive compared to gas powered cars.   […]

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Looking for a job in TikTok

In the article, “Finding a job by TikTok” I learned that people can find a job in TikTok in the app, or they can work for TikTok by making TikTok. You can make a 60-second video that might have 300,000 views and might receive more than 15 job leads. TikTok is a network where people can find a job like […]

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Is Video Gaming Considered a Sport

In the article, “Is video games a sport?” I learned that gaming is a sport you can join and compete with over people but I learned that this type of sport is unhealthy for your body not like other sports that are more healthy. Gaming is a sport because you need lots of practise and skill like and sport to […]

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What is going on in Afghanistan?

In the article “Afghanistan Fall to the Taliban” ( Admin) I learned that people at Afghanistan are trying to escape the country by going to the one still controlled by us military and the U.S troops placed razor wire to stop the kabul international the airport and to hold back the hold of crowds that is still growing. When the […]

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