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Moishe The Beadle

This portrait was created to honor the important life of Moishe, who survived two concentration camps (Dangerous labor camps) during the Holocaust while being the only one to survive out of his entire family. He was brought to a disclosed location where Jews dug up their own graves only to be shot dead. Moishe miraculously lived while being wounded on […]

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Don’t Trust Beer Companies

By: Angel Gutierrez Solorio Dear Beer Companies,  There are people dying from alcoholic beverages such as Beer and other substances. Are Beer Companies supporting these actions or degrading/dehumanizing the people. We’ll that’s how it is, Beer Companies are letting these innocent people get brainwashed to do irrevocable events causing even more impediments in people’s lives. Stop profiting from these events […]

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Does Oakland Really Care For The Homeless?

What is Homelessness? Homelessness is the state of having no home including living on the streets, basically having no stable home to live in(Merriam Webster). Clearly, homelessness is an undeniable problem getting normalized everyday by Oakland. “Oakland has increased almost 50%  in homeless people”(Kukura). Joe Kukura author of, “Oakland’s Homeless Population Has Skyrocketed Nearly 50% In Two Years”, an Oakland […]

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My Life Shadow Box

By: Angel Gutierrez Solorio The objects in my Shadow Box represent my faithful self, my counter narratives. When people look at me they see a cool young man with dark hair and brown eyes. While these assigned identities are true they do not tell my true personal story. I included crucial objects in my Shadow Box to represent counter narratives […]

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