• Dear Miguel,

    I liked your piece because it shows a side of you that not many people know but should. It’s really important that people know things you are passionate about since you care about it a lot. I like the way your writing style is very unique because we can really hear your voice in it. Keep writing.

    • Angela
  • Dear Cristina,

    I really enjoyed your piece because I learned something new about you. You are a strong person and I know this piece can connect to many people who have been through the same things and maybe even think differently Thank you for sharing this part of your life. ily.

    • Angela
    • Dear Angela,
      Your story about how you became drawn to makeup is very interesting. I’m proud that your passion for art that was once on a piece of paper, turned into a passion that’s now on your face and now you have others that get inspiration from you. AKA FANZZZZ AKA ME.
      I look forward to you doing my makeup on prom as well as seeing more of your drawings cause you’re really good at it. I LOVE YOU.


    • Dear Angela,

      I enjoyed reading your comic. It showed how passionate you are about art and make up. From which mixing these two, comes up your amazing work. I hope you keep persuading your passion and hope you get far and follow your dreams from doing what you do and love the most.

      -Saul Martinez

    • Dear Angela, I enjoyed reading your comic. I liked how you showed that you loved doing make up. It is amazing how you are growing up doing what you wana do.

  • Angela commented on the post, My Family 2 years, 4 months ago

    Dear David,

    I enjoyed reading your unique writing style and especially the part where you described your life as an open book. It’s really nice to know where you come from and why you do the things you do. This is proving the person you are today will do you best in the long run. I’d also like to join one of your mom’s zumba classes.

  • Angela wrote a new post, nights 2 years, 4 months ago

    Why is it always at night.

    The feeling of loneliness without actually being alone.

    The anxiety and rush

    Of emotions i can’t


    It’s not the first time.

    And i know it won’t be

    The last.

    Can i?


    • hey angela,
      I think what you have here is defiantly something, I strongly connect to. I get nerves and anxious at night too. But sadly, I know why they are there. What could really help us both is some meditation and a break, don’t you think? anyway, your voice is definitely being herd right now, and you should keep stepping out of that box, and show who you are.

    • Angela, I really liked the format of your poem. It kept me interested and flows well when read aloud. I can relate to feeling the most lonely at night. Also, I understand where you are coming from with your lines about empathy. Sometimes I feel like I should have empathy for others in certain situations, but I don’t, and it is not something that I’m proud of.
      I really felt something when you said, “The hard dark mark of my pen will soon turn into the words I speak and connect to with other people”. I tend to grasp my feelings more easily when I write them down.
      This is a great poem and I think there is something in it that everyone can relate to.

  • Dear Genesis,

    I really enjoyed reading your piece because it is very unique and it shows your true self. You really let out your feelings on this piece and that is very strong.

  • I express myself

    In a way

    No one else should be able to


    Never the same thing


    Always trying new things


    Art is what i’m

    Capable of

    And the reason I

    Stand out

    I e

    • Angela, This is an amazing poem and you really are an artist writing that. I love how deep these words are and how they catch you attention so well. I think it is ironic the poem is about being artistic and you are very artistic.

    • Dear Angela I enjoyed reading your poem of how you are really artistic and it is how you are able to express your self and not letting nobody judge you for who you are.

    • Dear Angela,
      I agree that you are very artistic, and a talented person. The pauses you make in your memoir are dramatic, and bring even more meaning to the words you write down. I totally agree when you say, ” Always trying new things, Once,” No harm come from trying something once. I like how you brush off, the words of haters and keep on painting with your words. See what I did there, lol. I actually really Liked this piece though. 🙂

    • Dear Angela,
      Your poem “Why I’m Artistic As Hell” is really powerful. I really like how you express yourself in a way that you like, and seems like you do not care about what others think about you. I like how you said that you are someone different everyday but you are still yourself. Keep being artistic as hell and keep making them awesome YouTube videos.

  • In addition, I also noticed that you mentioned you had a middle name but didn’t mention what it was. Hmmmmm. So we keeping secrets from the world now?

  • Dear Cristi,

    Since being your friend for a while I can understand what your name can mean to you. This was a strong piece that I know let out a lot of emotions for you and I am here for u because i love u. And also great writing, very good. #tth <3

  • Dear tonya,

    I really liked your piece because it brought tears to my eyes. This was a very unique way or writing out your own meaning of your name especially the part where you took apart the letters. This was inspiring, emotional, and it made me feel closer to you. Great work!

  • Dear Joe,

    I really enjoyed reading your piece because it was very entertaining and made me laugh. I never noticed how unique your name was until this and it was really cool to learn the different meanings of your name and what your nicknames used to be.

  • If my name was to represent my identity, it would be something much more creative and fun.


    My name isn’t unique, or uncommon, in fact it’s been used as a name for decades thanks to its origin of “Ang

    • Dear Angela,
      I like how you’re name doesn’t stop you for being who your are and what you do. That in you’re own way, you cherished your name and the significance to how you interpret it. However, the most important part of your piece that caught my attention is “Even if my name means something that isn’t me, I wouldn’t change it because the irony is already a part of who I am.” and when i read this line, it make’s me feel good that you wouldn’t change your name even if the meaning is ever changed or if you view it differently than others. By reading this memoir, I could say that I got to know you a little better based on your relationship with your name. Your piece is amazing and inspirational.

    • Dear Angela,

      I like how you went out your way and talk about how your relationship to your name isnt as significant. You were being real and giving your point of view about your name. I agree with you when you said our name were chosen for us. Great work!!

    • Dear Angela,

      I disagree that names don’t make up your identity. If you had a different name wouldn’t you be a different person? My name, Kevin, even though it is dull and common, the meaning behind it is different. My parents went through lots of struggles to get to America, to get their papers, and to name me Kevin. There is a lot of background and meaning behind names. I wouldn’t say names make up out whole identity thou as you have said, there are many different variables to take into account and that is one of the things we ourselves have power over. So its in your own power to make yourself stand out how you want to be understood. Your identity is defined by who you are, a name won’t lock that down. Go out there and show who you are. Names shouldn’t shackle you, they should be part of you. Thank you for sharing your voice!

    • Powerful line –> “If I could change it, I wouldn’t because then I would get lost in a world where thinking too much about something that isn’t that important can really change me.” — I also appreciated your comparison of your name and a piece of black in an outfit. Creative, and fitting! Well done.

    • Dear Angela,
      I am delighted with your name significance because there was a lot of information about your name. One sentence that stood out to me is “Even if my name means something that isn’t me, I wouldn’t change it because the irony is already a part of who I am.” This stood out me because it says a lot if meaning and how your name is an important part of you. Thank you for writing this, it actually was very interested
      to read

  • Brooklyn,
    I am really inspired by this post because I am doing my senior project on gender norms in schools and this is a very popular topic. I too think that girls are more discriminated than boys regarding dress codes and it is still happening today which is really bothering. You are right, there needs to be a way to talk about this especially…[Read more]

  • Dear Bobby,

    I am really moved by your post, “Are movies art?” because I too enjoy the art of movies and take them very seriously. I like to watch movies and do much more than simply enjoy it, I want to be part of them and this really proved to others just how much effort it takes to make a single movie and call it art. Movies are most definitely…[Read more]

  • Dear Kaly,

    I am thrilled by your post, “Discrimination Against The LGBTQ Community” because it gives a lot of detail and opinions on important things that still happen in the world regarding the LGBTQ community. I like the quotes you used because they were very strong and showed the real problems real people have been facing. I am also interested…[Read more]

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