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What does a US ban on Russian oil accomplish?

Article summary goes here: A full restriction on Russian imports would need to include the U.S and European countries as if just the U.S bans Russian imports, it wouldn’t do enough to the Russian economy. All of Europe needs to be included as the majority of Russia’s natural gas goes to Europe. If Europe does agree to this we should […]

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Russia Probably Won’t Cut Off Europe’s Gas, Because It’s ‘Essentially an Act of War’

Europe finds itself in quite a predicament as Russia has supplied Europe’s natural gas for many many years which they use for a variety of reasons from generating electricity to heating the buildings. This has made it harder for the U.S to install stricter sanctions on Russia. Europe wants to cut off Russia to support Ukraine but it actually hurts […]

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What the Russian invasion means for the global economy – and why the EU should welcome Ukraine? This article is from an Australian author and how the Russia Ukraine author affects the world not just in oil and gas but in other ways as well. Russia is a major producer of palladium which is crucial to the automotive industry. But […]

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Will Russia Ukraine invasion push up oil prices and inflation?

The world gas and petroleum prices are going to increase because of this, and a lot of the world is going to think about how they are going to get their oil. The price of oil has been on an increase for 8 years and we have no idea what the effects are going to be with the Ukraine/ Russia […]

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Book Review on the 9/11 Report

I read the 9/11 report by Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon and I chose the book because I have never really learned about 9/11 as they do not really go over it in school. I highly recommend this book as they provide immense detail into what really happened that day. With it being a graphic novel, you can attach a […]

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How is the conflict in Afghanistan going to affect the world?

As for this current moment and time, there is a lot of unknown. Nobody really knows how they will act and govern the country. The Taliban did say that they did not want anything to happen to the U.S and its allies and it will not be a training ground. There are a lot of questions for women like their […]

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