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  • I think your views on this article are interesting and very insightful. I agree with all of your points and I think this is an especially important topic, as we are in high school and social media is something that virtually everyone uses. I believe that social media should be used in healthy ways, but if it is being used for anything but…Read More

  • Andrea commented on the post, this is my body

    Imeria, I really like the repetition in your poem, I think it adds emphasis on details that wouldn’t be as noticed if you had written this differently. There is such depth to your writing and you show such strength through your poem. Your usage of metaphor is also really impressive. Thanks for your writing, I’m interested to see what you write about next!

  • Andrea commented on the post, Recycle or not Recycle

    Monica, I’m glad you brought light to this insanely important topic. Climate change is a major issue and if everyone recycled, I think we could help our planet in several ways. We need to create change to help our environment and I think that recycling is an easy way to globally take a step in the right direction. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Andrea commented on the post, Mental Health

    Bella, I think your post is incredibly informative and insightful, I agree that mental health shouldn’t be thought of differently than physical health. Mental heath is a sickness that is often overlooked, however I think that society is becoming much better at acknowledging and treating it. I think your post brings the perfect amount of awareness…Read More

  • Andrea commented on the post, Hidden Emotions

    Raniyah, your poem is incredibly inspiring and moving. I find myself relating to a lot of your poem and I commend you for being strong enough to write about your emotions and what you are going through. The statement “I am brave enough to say I am in a dark place but also brave enough to say I will be victorious in this race” stood out to me and…Read More

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