• Dear Arely,
    Beautiful comic ! I enjoyed reading your comic. I was able to picture the love you have for your niece. I could relate to this feeling. Your last panel is what really stood out to me because it proved how much you love your niece. Good job !

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    Dear Liz,
    I am amazed! I really loved reading the story about your nephew. I can see how much love you have for your nephew. While reading the story about your nephew so many thoughts were going through my head. I couldn’t believe that your family didn’t know that your sister was preagant all along. I liked how your story is very detailed I was…[Read more]

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    Dear Lis,
    I really enjoyed reading your comic. I can really see how much love you have for your brother. After reading your comic I was able to realize that family is important to you. I liked how added graphic weight on one of your panels. I was able to understand what was going on because of the graphic weight. Look forward to seeing more of your work !

    • Dear Andrea,
      I LOVE YOUR COMIC. It’s so cute! I can clearly understand each panel & how you felt in your time in Costa Rica. That is so cool that you got to volunteer at a school over there & be around the kids, since you love kids and want to work with kids in the future. I hope to see more of your work in the future, keep it up!

    • I love how you first talked about how scared you were to travel by yourself and to a place that you have never visited before. I can connect with that as well because the first time I went camping in 8th grade, I felt home sick. I didn’t know how to make myself not feel that way because it was my first time away from home and my parents but I’m glad that you found something that you can enjoy. I’m glad that you went and had a great time. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    • Dear Drea,
      Your comic was well organized and hella colorful! I’m happy and proud of you because you overcame your fear and ended up having a dope opportunity. I love how you got the chance to kick it with kids, I know you love working with them and can’t wait to see you working with kids in the future. I hope through this comic you see that doing something new can be scary at first, but don’t let that stop you from experiencing new things. Happy that you got to share this little journey with us.

  • Dear Angeles,
    Thank your for taking the time to write about something that may no be easy to talk about. This memoir piece proves that you really are a strong person. While reading your piece I had a very clear understanding of what was going on. I was able to picture the story in my head, it was very descriptive.

  • Dear Lisseth,
    I loved your comic. I had a very clear understanding of how much love you have for your nephew. I can relate to your comic in many ways. Both of your panels show graphic weight I understood exactly what I was looking at. Can’t wait to see more of your work !

  • Dear LIs,
    I appreciate the time you took to write about your family. While reading your memoir piece I had a clear understanding of how much your nephew and nieces mean to you. What stood out to me is how you reflected the type of person you are and how you want your nephew and nieces to see you as. Thank you for writing this memoir about your family.

  • I walked out of my presentation, nervous. One friend stood with me in the hallway. I already sensed that I had not met my expectations. My mind wanted to go blank. But I had to walk back inside the room. My eyes

    • Dear Andrea,
      Thank you for writing, about something that may have not been easy especially in a cite that is public. You have the courage to write about something like this and being comfortable with it really does show how amazing and the courage that you have to write. I am looking forward to reading more of your work. Thank you for being an open book, I really did enjoy reading this piece.

    • Dear Andrea,
      I love how you talk about your struggles but than turned it into something positive. I like how you talk about who motivated you and how hard your dad has worked. I also like how you talk about how you like school now but when you feel overwhelmed you think about the people that support you and you keep working hard. This motivates me a lot because sometimes I feel like quitting but now I know to keep working hard.

    • Dear Andrea,

      I am moved by your story “Identity vs. Identity Performance” because it shows your transition from fearing failure to embracing it. I think this shows how people and their perspectives on life are always changing. You changed because of a failure. You had a realization from your failure. You put others before yourself because of your failure.

      One sentence you wrote that stood out to me is “I am proud of the person I am becoming.” I think this is easy to admit when things are going right but I believe it’s even harder to live by when we are met by failure.

      Thanks for sharing your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next about who you are becoming.

  • Dear Liz,
    Your poem was such a well written poem and I am so amazed by it. I loved how you took the time to talk about what you think is right and what you think is wrong. While reading your poem it made me think about what I stand up for as a women. This poem really speaks about how you are as a person. You are the true meaning of feminism. Great Job !

  • Dear Lis,
    While reading your poem many things stood out to me. I liked how your described the type of person you are, you described yourself in a very unique way. You clearly stated how you felt like no characteristic can really fit you and that was eye opening and important. By talking about how you are “Me as hell” really made a clear…[Read more]

  • Dear Itzel,
    I really enjoyed reading your poem. While reading your poem it made me realize that there is nothing wrong with being short. I liked how you used some examples of what it is like to be short because I feel like I can relate. What stood out to me the most is how your compared what it is like to be short and tall, that gave your poem…[Read more]

  • I liked how you used this poem to speak truly about the type of person you are. You used some clear description that stood out while reading your poem.

  • Why I’m Caring As Hell



    People’s problems are my problems.


    I do not like seeing people who I care about be in pain.

    I feel the need to always have to help.


    Being a caring

    • Such a wonderful poem Andrea. While reading this poem it really does describe the person that you are. This poem really does define the person that you are. Being caring is honestly who you are. Great characteristic that describes you.Thanks for writing this poem, looking forward to read more of your stuff.

    • I love this poem a lot. It is a bit choppy, but nothing a bit of looking over wouldn’t fix. It is very descriptive, and wonderfully written. It has a good definition, and carries through without taking focus from the point. I enjoyed it and hope to see more sometime.

    • I love this poem!!! As I was reading it, I was like yup… that’s so Andrea. You’re such a caring person and I feel like I can identify with you as well. I love to look out for others even if I put myself last. I love to make sure that people are okay even if I don’t feel okay.

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    Hi, I loved reading your post and learning about your relationship to your name. We both have similarities when it comes to talking about our last names.

  • Hey, I enjoyed reading how you have a positive relationship to your name. You used a lot of examples to prove your positive relationship.


    My name is Andrea Guadalupe Garibaldi

    I am named sort of after my dad, his name is Andres. My name is spelled like his name except I have the letter A at the end of my name. The name Andrea means to be

    • I really liked the work that you did here! It was a well thought name memoir and it was excellent, good job.

    • Hey Andrea,
      Thank you for sharing such a powerful story about your name. It even made me connect to your middle name, due to also believing in the virgin mary. I would love to hear more about how you connect to your first name more. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed reading this piece.

    • Dear Andrea,

      I am grateful about your post ¨Reflecting on the Significance of My Name 2018¨ because you explain about yourself and who we truly are. You also find ways to connect with people you love and u may or not be close to. One sentence that stood out to me is ¨ I am named after my grandmother. I am not really close to my grandmother because she lives in Mexico, but sharing the same name as her makes me have a connection with her” I think this is good that you share the same name as your grandmother and you find it as a connection even though you say you guys aren't really close but that still shows good meaning to it. Thanks for your writing i look forward to to seeing what you write next.

  • Hey Karyme, I really enjoyed reading your post. I liked how you are talking about an issue that is going on in our community. What stood out to me is how you expanded your research and interviewed people in our community because they are also being affected by this issue. Great job!

  • Dear Ed, as I read your post I started to think about my life as a “child”. I am not 18 years old yet but I still feel like I have the same responsibilities as an adult. I feel like the whole legal age thing puts a lot of pressure and restrictions on those who are under age. At the end of the day we all worry about the same issues and we all matter.

  • Hello Cicely, I was really touched by your post after reading it. Many people ignore the fact that they are dealing with a mental illness. It is important for a person to be willing to do something about the situation so that they can be able to make a positive change in their lives. Your post really address the main issues of mental health, you…[Read more]

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