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    Should lost immigrated children and undocumented citizens be able to become citizens?

    In the article “Pathways to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants” ( 14 June 2021) spoke about how they are immigrants who have done good for the economy and proven that they deserve to get their citizenship by meeting certain requirements....

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    Dear Jocelyn,
    Your post made me think about how pro-lifers abortion in different ways due to the fact that fetuses may be seen as human beings themselves because they are fetuses who are being proceeded to become babies themselves and others should instead take this decision more seriously and think about it more thoroughly before making…Read More

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    Are there benefits to the U.S. deletion of Child Migrates?

    In the article “ U.S. Detention of Child Migrants” ( March 27 2023) I learned that they are different stages to when kids are arriving at the Border and what they can gain by being here and how this...

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    Sad Truth of Boarder issues

    In the article “Families Separated at Border by Trump Reach Settlement” ( Oct 16, 2023) taught me that kids at such a young age tend to be separated from their families. As when they start growing apart for a...

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    • In the article,” Sad Truth of Border Issues” ( Andrea 2023) I learned that when families are separated and the children tend to be young, once they find their families again the children usually don’t recognize their parents. Also that sometimes depending on how long they have been separated usually the parents don’t want to go back. When they do separate these families, they don’t really care if they get these families back together or not, which is sad.

      I think how these families are treated is wrong, and inconsiderate. These familes don’t deserve to be seperated in the first place, and if they truly have to be it should be a main priority to get the families back together. I believe that these people should put themselves in their shoes to know what it is like to get their family torn apart, and then for no one to care about getting them back together.

      As I continue to learn about Immigration, I want to learn more about how families could have been helped to be re united differently and quicker.

  • Dear Alma,’
    Your post made me think that getting ahold of a gun should make it more difficult to own one for the reason that not many people take into consideration how serious it is to have a weapon on you. Also owning a gun can cause serious damage to other people’s life and put them at harm due to other people being irresponsible. As you…Read More

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