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Honoring Ahmaud Arbery

In the article, ¨Georgia Proclaims February 23 Ahmaud Arbery Day¨ (btw) I learned that it took two years for federal judges two find the three men guilty of federal hate crimes that killed Ahmaud Arbery. All three of them were sentenced to life in prison with only one having the possibility of parole. The Georgia House of Representatives passed a […]

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Russia’s Invasion to Ukraine

In the article, ‘Russia Invades Ukraine” (btw) I learned that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine began in 2014 over Putin claiming that Ukraine had been taken over by extremists. This conflict has made Ukraine want to strengthen their bond with NATA which is threatening to Putin because he doesn’t want Ukraine to become powerful. So, on February 24, 2022, […]

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Is raising the minimum wage the right decision?

In the article, “Raising the Minimum Wage” I learned that It is difficult to survive on the minimum wage, especially when trying to provide for a family. However, like anything, there are both pros and cons. One of the cons that are stated is that raising the minimum wage is said to have a difficult impact on our economy and […]

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Cars That Could Stop Drunk Driving

In the article, “YOU DECIDE: Cars That Stop Drunk Driving?”  I learned that President Biden wants to demand U.S. automakers to find a way to stop drunk driving. They have been developing monitoring systems in cars, whether it be a breathalyzer or infrared cameras that would monitor a person’s behavior and will make the car slow down and pull over […]

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Remembrance of 9/11

In the article, “Remembering 9/11, Twenty Years Later” I learned that the 9/11 attacks caused the Bush administration to begin the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. From this attack, many people and places have used the weekend to remember the thousands of lives lost with ceremonies in their honor. At the National September 11 Memorial and Museum in […]

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What happened in Native-American Boarding Schools?

In the article “Haaland Announces Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative” (McGraw Hill) I learned that the Bureau of Indian Affairs and many Christian church denominations separated thousands of Native American children from their families and sent them to boarding schools in thirty different states. This happened from the 1819s – the 1970s. In these boarding schools, they were forced to […]

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