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    Hello Jeimy, How are you ? Your plot is interesting to me but I would like to know a little more about what happens when the wild dog bites the child and what did that family go to the caves on the island.
      • The family went to the cave on the island because the woman wanted to go again and her family said okay, you’re going to go, but we’re going with you and all the family and friends went and when the wild dog bit the boy, the woman ran to tie him and with some herbs I heal his wound
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        So far the plot, in “Call me Consuelo” This chapter talks about how Consuelo was arriving in Los Angeles on a plane and she was very afraid, it was a whole new life for her but her grandmother who was next to her reassured her and told her that everything would be fine more and more the plane was close From the ground and Consuelo could see all…Read More

        • Hi andrea your book sounds interesting to me and i have a question Why consuelo was very afraid when she was arriving in Los Angeles?
          • Hello Andrea, your book seems moving and interesting at the same time, I can ask you a question Why Consuelo traveled with her grandmother and not alone?
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            Hello Orlando,Your book seems interesting to me, but I don’t understand or understand very well what happened. Who killed who? who are these people ? why do they do it? tell me more I find it very interesting I would like to know more about your book.
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              Hello Miguel,I like you to talk about your roots and that you eat nopales. Personally, I also like nopales a lot and more at the ranch, tell me what do you do, do you peel them, cut them, or do you just eat them? 🙂
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                So far, the plot in “Call me Consuelo” intrigue danger and excitement weave a web around young Consuelo Harburton as she is thrust into a new life in unfamiliar surroundings and a real-life mystery that begsto be solved. Consuelo struggles with the changes in her life, but a quirky cast of new-lound in this new life. And her heroism in solving the…Read More

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                • hola andrea tu post me parece interesante porque habla mucho del nombre consuelo y de echo yo tengo muchas tías y primas que se llaman consuelo.
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