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     " The burden of firearm violence in the United States "

    In the article “ The burden of firearm violence in the United States: stricter laws result in safer states.” (Joseph 2018) I learned that there are many factors thta contribute to gun violence, such socioeconomic conditions, availability of firearms...

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  • Andrea commented on the post, Climate Change causes

    Dear Juan, 
    Which agencies like the one you mention can help the government do something to avoid so much gas production that affects carbon dioxide, which is also affecting our planet a lot. This happens mainly due to pride factories which emit many gases into the atmosphere of our planet.
    Something I wonder is How can we prevent factories from…Read More

  • Andrea commented on the post, Abortion

    Dear, Abigail 
    Your post made me think that it is important to keep pregnant women informed about the solutions they can get if they don’t know what to do with a pregnancy and are undecided whether they want to have the baby or not. Websites like these can provide a lot of information for women who are afraid to make certain decisions. It is…Read More

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    How Do We Decide Who Can and Cannot Have a Gun in the United States?

    In the Article “ New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen” (Oyez 2021) I learned that in this case, the government denied the use of a weapon to Robert Nash and Brandon Koch who requested to...

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    • Dear Andrea,
      Your post made me think about the ongoing discourse of who and who should not be allowed to have access to firearms, including how we decide on such a topic. It is difficult to find a way to restrict those that are known to be dangerous when The Court does not feel the need to take necassary safety precautions. Something I wonder is why the Supreme Court finds limiting potential violence from known criminals to be unconstitutional.


    • Dear Andera,  
      Your post made me think the debate of who should get a hold of a gun and who shouldn’t. The Supreme Court is taking away people’s self defense weapon which is unfair in my eyes. If people don’t demonstrate danger then they should be able to have a weapon as self defense. Something I wonder is what can be done about gun violence in the US to make people feel safer? 


  • Andrea commented on the post, Why Pro-Life

    Dear Jocelyn,
    Your post made me think about how human rights protect pregnant women. However, aborting is considered murder since they are attacking the life of a being. This is very important and we need to emphasize that idea. I agree with the idea that abortion is prohibited. Something I wonder what are the possible ideas or laws that can be…Read More

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