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A New York Love Story

Where I’m From

“Meeting at Night” by Robert Browning, read by Anderson

learning it all

A New York love story

yes i agree. this line repeats and it makes me feel like he just wants to be friends, be she wants to be something more.

i think she said that because she was said and it was a way of saying “im sad.” i think this because the poem talks about her saying goodbye.

this image confuses me alot actually. after reading the poem i thought it would connect more with it but it doesnt. infact it makes me wonder what does this image mean… maybe like a setting?

yeah i agree. now looking back i think this has something do it with the image because in the image there were alot of people.

i agree. being a mom is hard and its alot of work

i agree. lairs never admit to their lying because they dont want to lose peoples trust. once people find out you lied, its hard to get someones trust back

i agree. dvice can be every helpful in some situations. this is one of them

makes me realize what they have for eachother. they really do care for eachother and it makes me smile

yeah i agree. i feel like hes overreacting and is just angry

i agree. i wonder what fonny and the others think about this. how do they feel that white people get pleasure of black people suffering?

i agree. it sounds like shes being sarcastic

this is kinda like a way of saying “i need you in my life” or “i cant life without you”

yeah he might be saying that time went by quickly and he doesnt recognize these people

yeah i agree. especially when she says to not give up. you have to keep pushing even through the rough times

i agree. they seems like they dont care

he got the approval of tish's father. makes me happy

he got the ok. he got permission to marry tish by her mother

hes saying that he really loves her and hes trying to get Mr. rivers his “ok you can marry tish”

yeah i agree hes in love

theres a quote in that sentence. “i felt proud and happy.”

this is what makes me think she liked it

i agree. it was sweet and cute as a joke

they kinda took a break is what im getting. but they was “glued” or just stayed close to eachother

they about to get dirty and you know do what

she admitted her feelings to him. she really loves him

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