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  • Anastasia commented on the post, Snail Mail

    Cat, I love how you connected this to modern times by mentioning how easy it is to send a text message. I also love how you said that sending a letter might make someone’s day. Great job!

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    The Power of Language

    Language is a very powerful thing. You can say what you mean and get the message across, or you could dance your message across. The language of dance, is a different type of language. Not many people think dancing...

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  • “It’s simply because they are blinded by their own stubborness”. LOVE this so much. I love the sassiness with it and I love how you speak your mind on this topic.

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    Covid’s Empathy Impact on Society

    COVID-19 has caused a massively negative impact on life as we knew it. People have suffered and while some have been able to defeat this pandemic, tragically lost the battle. The shift in everyday how people approach everyday life...

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    • I really like your piece and I agree that nobody expected for Covid to be as bad as it is. I also like how you incorporated the protests into this because it impacted this year greatly.

    • Anastasia, i really enjoyed your blog post i think you did a really good job tying in different examples of how empathy showed through during the pandemic. Using the BLM movement and talking about how celebrities donated money really added depth to this piece. And i like how you showed not just the negatives but also positives creating a very balanced view on covid.

  • I love how you you stated that people dont speak up because they look weak. I used to be like this and I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who thought this. It’s a human thing to have feelings and to show them.



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