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    Dear Martha,
    I love how you design your box and what images you include in your box. It also show how your family is important to you. I also like how in your statement you talk about the things people might assume about you just because your a female and your latina.

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    Dear Estefani I am very impressed on how you go into detail and explain all about why these objects were important to you and why you decided to include them. Also like how you explained your dominant and counter narratives and how dominant narratives are just standards your expect to live up to. I also appreciate how you wanted to talk about…[Read more]

  • Shadow Box

    By: Anahi Alvarez


    In my shadow box I have included 10 items that represent me. This box inside of my box is showing my counter narrative which is my identity and what is true about me. First of

    • Dear Anahi,
      I love your shadow box, how you wanted to represent your culture by adding the mexican flag colors in your shadow box. The little details make your shadow box amazing. Thanks for your great piece of art and writing!

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    Dear Julian,
    I really like how you gave a good description about what you had on your box even if i was not fully complete here. I like how you went into detail about why you had add the color. Also i like how you talk about your color being gender neutral and how it does it’s not a color for a certain gender. Thanks for going into detail…[Read more]

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    • Dear, Anahi

      I am very impressed by your art your box was cool because you showed how strong you was for example you showed a woman holding up her fist or flexing. You also showed pictures of you and showed that you were confident. One last thing that I liked was how you showed stereotypes for example you showed girls in dresses and they don’t…[Read more]

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