• Dear Marleni,

    First of Marleni I want to say good job on completing your Blog. Good job on your interviews you asked very good questions ad got good answers to make your blog stronger. Also I like when you said, “Many people assume the worst of immigrants just because they move from one country to another” because it’s very true immigrants are…[Read more]

  • Dear Maria,

    To start off good job on completing your blog i know you’ve worked very hard on it. What i like about your blog is how you included about some of the harmful things immigration has done to children and how it can be changed. I also like how in one of you lines you included immigrants are being dehumanized by the border patrol. I think…[Read more]

  • Dear Leslie,

    First off all good job on completing your blog you’ve done a great job. What I like about your blog is that you talk about how violence in Oakland can be reduced and improved. I like how you quoted, ¨we all as a community need to find a way to come together and help our people¨ this is showing that you believe the whole community s…[Read more]

  • Immigration and Deportation affects Families


    What are the effects on families dealing with immigration?based on the research i’ve done on Immigration and Deportation it can impact families in a harmful way

    • Dear Anahi:

      I like your post “Immigration and Deportation affects Families” because I learn of new culture.I am from El salvador and live in California.

      Una frase que me gusto fue “Ten Ways Immigrants Help Build and Strengthen Our Economy” porque muchas personas necesitan ayuda cuando viajan a otro país y no saben cómo desarrollarse y cosas cotidianas.

      Gracias por tu escritura. Espero seguir mirando lo que escribes a continuación.

    • Dear Anahi my name is Roberto and to start i really like your post, i can tell you put a lot of effort on it.Your article makes me feel sad because immigration is a very sensitive theme. One sentence you wrote that stands for me is. “And their children would probably be affected as well because they’ll see everything that’s going on with their parent and would see changes in their household due to the stress. If the bills double it makes it very frustrating for the parent dealing with it because they’ll work extra hours and still have to take care of the kids while trying to pay all the bill it’ll make it very hard”. Because i think every kid would notice the change and be stress like their parents and think about what would happen if their parents get deported, and what will happen to them, that their life are not gonna be the same as it was

    • Dear Anahi,
      I agree with your claim that immigrants come to the united states to have a better future for themselves but when there in U.S. their being stigmatized because they want a better future. They also deserve to become something and do better with themselves. Continue to work hard your blog was great.

    • Dear Anahi:

      I am astounded by your post, “Immigration and Deportation affects Families” because of the way you went through explaining this topic clearly. It was truly helpful that you gave examples of your claims of how immigration and deportation affects families. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “What are the effects on families dealing with immigration?based on the research i’ve done on Immigration and Deportation it can impact families in a harmful way because it causes many problems for them, like stress and worry and financial problems.” I think this is truthful because these are legitimate ways that immigration and deportation affect families. These are some pretty solid claims, and it’s great that you were able to back these claims up with more information. Thank you for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you’re a phenomenal writer. You really kept your information straightforward and easy to comprehend.

      Luis Barba

    • Dear Anahi ,
      I am moved by your post “ Immigration and Deportation affects Families” because as the daughter of former undocumented immigrants I felt how it was to even think that your parents could be taken away from you for not being in this country legally . In a way it was a choice that your parents made when they decided to come here and they knew that though it would be for a better cause there would be a few barriers . One sentence that you wrote that standed out to me was “ Immigration and deportation can make family struggle with paying bills and taking care of everything around the house” I think that this is very significant because many families do rely on one or both parents and tend to live paycheck by paycheck . When order in a family is disturbed it can bring consequences and have a shift in their lives . Thanks for your writing I look forward to seeing what you write next, because i think that many of americans should be aware of the damage that deportation can bring to families . It should be known , that just how any american would feel to have their parents taken away is the same way that all these immigrants hispanic and non hispanic feel and i feel like you can do that .
      Itzel .

  • Dear Maria,

    I like how your peom talked about love and how nicely you put everything togther. I like how in one your lines you said, “love is like a fresh rose in the summer”. I liked it because your including similies into your text. I liked it because I understood it in a good way and knew whta you meant by saying that. Someting I also lik…[Read more]

  • Anahi commented on the post, Sunshine 1 month, 1 week ago

    Dear Christina,

    I like how you included metaphors and similes is your poem I think it shows how you decided to meet all the requirements. I also like how when you said, “Hate brings me to faith but faith brought me to you” I liked this because it showed a lot about emotions and I just appreciate how you explicitly wrote it. I also like who you…[Read more]

  • In Humanities we had to write a poem that of things I have seen or been through that was similar to Romeo and Juliet. This poem is me talking about what I was feeling

    I wish there was answers

    To stop all this

    • Dear Anahi,
      Thank you so much for sharing your poetry. It’s very good. Your whole poem was very powerful, but the line that stood out to me the most was “Do you really have a reason to be violent
      We taught to be rivals” because this made me think about why people are violent. I like that this poem addressed that both love and violence are painful in different ways. Thank you so much for sharing and I look forward to reading your next post.


    • Dear Anahi, your poem is really nice that it relates with violence that’s happening in the community or around the world.It seems that you took your time to do this poem working on your similes. The line that I really like was “I’m taught to love but also to hate” I feel that that’s a powerful line to me bc it talks in so many ways.

  • Anahi commented on the post, My Shadow Box 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    Dear Martha,
    I love how you design your box and what images you include in your box. It also show how your family is important to you. I also like how in your statement you talk about the things people might assume about you just because your a female and your latina.

  • Anahi posted a new activity comment 3 months, 1 week ago

    Dear Estefani I am very impressed on how you go into detail and explain all about why these objects were important to you and why you decided to include them. Also like how you explained your dominant and counter narratives and how dominant narratives are just standards your expect to live up to. I also appreciate how you wanted to talk about…[Read more]

  • Shadow Box

    By: Anahi Alvarez


    In my shadow box I have included 10 items that represent me. This box inside of my box is showing my counter narrative which is my identity and what is true about me. First of

    • Dear Anahi,
      I love your shadow box, how you wanted to represent your culture by adding the mexican flag colors in your shadow box. The little details make your shadow box amazing. Thanks for your great piece of art and writing!

  • Dear Julian,
    I really like how you gave a good description about what you had on your box even if i was not fully complete here. I like how you went into detail about why you had add the color. Also i like how you talk about your color being gender neutral and how it does it’s not a color for a certain gender. Thanks for going into detail…[Read more]

  • Anahi became a registered member 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    • Dear, Anahi

      I am very impressed by your art your box was cool because you showed how strong you was for example you showed a woman holding up her fist or flexing. You also showed pictures of you and showed that you were confident. One last thing that I liked was how you showed stereotypes for example you showed girls in dresses and they don’t…[Read more]