• Dear Naiara
    I am moved by your post , “My Immigration Story and Injustice Back in Peru”, because you were very honest about your thoughts and feelings and what you went through before and after you had your big move. I enjoyed reading about how you struggle to memorizing things because I also am the same and I also take notes so I can remember thi…[Read more]

  • Dear Naomi,
    I am so moved by your poem because I also struggle with speaking up for myself and then seeing you here talk about the same makes me feel heartened knowing that others go through the same thing and that they also are looking to improve themselves. There are many times I always get upset with myself for this reason and i’m sure you do…[Read more]

  • I’m from the sound of children going to school at 6 in the morning

    I’m from the delicious smell of ceviche with plantain chips

    I’m from the tienda my grandma owns in order

    To make enough money to help

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    I wish we had the time,To give hugs,To give love Don’t you remember,The moments You said you’dStay, be there for meNow I find comfort in Other things.Other peopleThat will never be you.

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