• This is a very compelling argument that you make, Fredrick. The fact you inserted at the end of your post, about how the “U.S. Treasury is expected to run a 2017 deficit of $693 billion,” was a strong statistic to convince people about the importance of this issue. In general, I agree that the wealthy should need to contribute more in taxes than…[Read more]

  • I greatly enjoyed this information, Olivia. In particular, your final sentence that explained how “the system of our elections has had the ability to be fair in the past, but the spike in corruption and foul play has proved our elections have many shortcomings in terms of speaking for the people,” was very effective in conveying your message. In a…[Read more]

  • Throughout history, there has been an ongoing debate about the separation of church and state in the United States. According to an Oxford article by Steven K. Green, “separation of church and state has long b

    • Amy, you provided effective examples for your argument. I found the comments of Trump administration most compelling because they are currently in positions of power. It is important to highlight any biases or views that influence their policy decisions. This reminded me of the influence of the LDS church in Utah’s government. I found a Huffington Post Article, similar to the one you linked, that calls attention to the lack of separation between church and state in Utah. What do you see or experience as an effect of the influence of religion in government? I look forward to reading your response because this could lead to the majority religion ruling and oppressing minority religions, which is evident in Utah.


    • Amy, I really enjoyed your thoughts and argument on the separation of church and state in the United States. You integrated the NYT article very well into your second paragraph. You were able to seamlessly paraphrase it, but also keep the amount of information and credibility from the author. This reminds me of a video we are watching in my government class right now. It is call “It’s a free country” and looks at the constitution in modern United States. https://youtu.be/Y4yYBpUot8o

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