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    In an article by Laura Beeston, various ceramic artists comment on the line between art and craft in pottery. Artists are finding themselves having to justify their materials more than ever, despite the fact that

  • Olivia, I really enjoyed this post and I think you have a very interesting topic. This study did a good job at looking at what other studies did and then improving. I especially liked when you talked about how “high levels of positive feedback, training, and instruction lead to higher levels of task and social cohesion.” Here is an article you…[Read more]

  • Hatou, this was a very interesting post. I think that the racial tension in this book is best shown in Atticus, and I think you did a really good job of explaining that. Specifically, I like when you said “Atticus faces certain forces and pressures. He is defending a black person which he feels he must do, since Tom did not do the crime of which…[Read more]

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    This research paper argues that pottery existed as a type of social media in Indigenous North American societies, and uses pottery shards to analyze the social connections between communities. The author, Jacob

  • Jillian, This was a very interesting post and I think you were able to cover a lot of different topics. I liked your argument that the two most important parts of the American Creed are backgrounds and education and I agree that those two things are very important. Specifically, I liked when you said that “Students should learn the importance of…[Read more]

  • Anna, I think this is a very interesting topic and I would love to hear more about this. I had never thought of the idea that the glorification of serial killers would have such a negative effect of the families, but that is a very important thing to consider. I particularly liked when you said that “Newspapers have killers faces on the cover,…[Read more]

  • Maxim, this was a very interesting post and I think you raised a lot of good questions. I liked the way you backed up everything you said with research because it really helped you get your point across. I particularly like the research that said that “the top 10% owned 76% of the wealth, while the bottom 50% held only 1% of the wealth.” I think…[Read more]

  • Patricia,
    This is a very interesting post and I think it is even more relevant with the recent admissions scandal. I especially liked the way you talked about the economic benefits of college and cited data for that. You used a lot of good examples to get your points across like when you said that ” Harvard degrees are valuable because there is…[Read more]

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    This article about the history of ceramics across the world claims that clay is “a durable material with a history spanning 10,500 years that is significant to the study of archaeology and history.” There is com

    • Amy,
      This is a very interesting post and very informative. I didn’t know much about this topic but now I am very intrigued and want to research it more.
      Here is a link to a link to some cool ceramic projects:

    • Amy, I think this is so interesting! I think it’s so fascinating how ceramics has played such a large role throughout history, even though post people don’t tend to normally focus on it.

    • Amy, this is such a fascinating piece of writing and such a cool topic. I did not know how much of an impact ceramics has made throughout history. I have taken a ceramics class at judge along with at my old school and there is still so much I don’t know! I look forward to hearing more about ceramics.

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    This article from Deneen Pottery gives a brief history of ceramics. Ceramics has been around since 29,000 BCE as one of the world’s earliest inventions. In early civilizations across the world, clay was easy to a

    • I love the topic of ceramics and you seem very passionate about it. I know that people do ceramics because it is art and can be calming, but I never considered that having something tangible to work with could be a form of meditation or therapy. I would love to hear about different kinds of pottery from you in the future such as what different clays are used for and what kinds of things can be made through ceramics.

    • Amy,
      I know very little about ceramics, so this was very interesting for me to read. I found it fascinating that there are emotional benefits to making pottery and other forms of ceramics. It would certainly be compelling to investigate more into how ceramics have helped people center themselves and become more grounded. Here is a link to an article about pottery and its effects on depression that I think you would enjoy reading.

      Neuroscience Could Explain Why Pottery Is Good for Depression

  • Amy wrote a new post, Ceramics 1 year, 3 months ago

    This article from Deneen Pottery gives a brief history of ceramics. Ceramics has been around since 29,000 BCE as one of the world’s earliest inventions. In early civilizations across the world, clay was easy to a

    • Hello Amy! I’m glad you’re doing Bettin justice, and talking about something that I can see you truly appreciate. Personally – with almost no knowledge of the subject – it was very interesting to hear about the process of ceramic art as well as the history behind it. The second paragraph talking about a general from for the creation of poetry was especially interesting and I would love to learn more about that. The American Ceramic Society did an interesting article on the history of ceramics that might be helpful when you write you paper. Here is the link to that article: https://ceramics.org/about/what-are-engineered-ceramics-and-glass/brief-history-of-ceramics-and-glass
      Best of luck!

  • Maggie,
    I think the idea that humans are naturally fascinated by things we don’t know about, even when that means murder, is interesting. I liked that you used Ted Bundy as an example because of the new movie about him that has received a lot of backlash. I would love to hear more about the impact of the glorification of serial killers. Here is…[Read more]

  • Diego, this was a very interesting idea you presented in this post. I especially liked when you said that “both Parties are responsible for the citizens being fed constant propaganda,” because even though the inner party orchestrates it, the outer party contributes just as much. While I don’t think that completely destroying Oceania as a last…[Read more]

  • Hi Carla, overall I agree with your post and I think you have made a good argument. I like that you broke your argument down into three main parts, and analyzed each one separately. In particular, I thought it was interesting that you talked about teachers being victims of cyber bullying because I have never thought about that before. You might…[Read more]

  • Evelyn, you have made a very compelling argument about why schools should be able to restrict students’ speech on line. I particularly like when you say, “Cyberbullying is a reality, but in many cases like those previously mentioned, it could be prevented by students’ online speeches being limited.” Using statistics to show how prevalent c…[Read more]

  • There is an increasingly more complicated problem of privacy as technology becomes more prevalent in society. In a New Yorker article, Louis Menand argues that “‘the beginning of all freedom’ is ‘the right to be l

  • David, this was a very informative post. You were able to outline a strong argument in your first two paragraphs and then support your claims with an abundance of statistics in your video. The fact that just under 20% of students graduate with more than $50,000 of debt was very alarming. I particularly liked how you explained the problem of…[Read more]

  • Maggie, I really enjoyed this post. I did not know that so many women were held by police for protesting. I particularly liked when you said, “It is time that we stop condoning sexual assault and giving offenders power.” This was a powerful line because it plays into the frustration that many people are feeling right now about Kavanaugh’s Supreme…[Read more]

  • Olivia, I greatly enjoyed this post about the elections in the United States. I particularly like your conclusion where you say, “Nine percent of elections since our founding, the will of the people has been ignored, the people haven’t represented as they choose.” Your word choice and tone are very strong and convincing, and it makes a very v…[Read more]

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    I really enjoyed this post, Mia. I thought you looked at American fears with an interesting perspective by combining traditional horror stories with more realistic fears people have currently. I especially like your conclusion about the importance of horror in the media, where you say that “they help us see certain situations in our lives and…[Read more]

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