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  • Ariana, I agree that gun laws are laws that should be taken into serious consideration. I agree that people who would misuse the gun should not be given a gun in the first place, but how would you be able to stop a bad person from illegally getting a gun? I think that this may be very hard to do. Therefore, I think that gun restrictions should not…Read More

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    Substance abuse is a problem for many people around the world. I was really surprised to find out that the Native American population is one of the groups that is greatly affected by it. Some reasons that you said were stress and environment. I have read that genetics could be a possible factor that contributes to substance abuse like alcoholism.…Read More

  • Allison, I agree with you when you said, “Americans value the opportunity to achieve their goals even if their starting line is not the same.” Not everyone in America has the same economic and social status. Some people are more privileged than others. Though this may not seem fair nor ideal, it is the inevitable truth. Nonetheless, many Americans…Read More

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    To be Free and to be American

    Many people have many different interpretations of what it means to be an American. Some may think that being American is being able to do whatever they want. Others may believe that being American is having their own rights...

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    • Hi Amulya, I agree with your claim that to be American means to have equal freedoms. In many other governments, the freedom of speech is forbid and the citizens cannot openly criticize political figures. In America, people do that everyday as demonstrated in social media forums and television skits. In history, countries have had mandatory religions or had dominant religions that citizens had to abide to at different levels. In America, it is common to see many buildings of different cultural practice in the proximity of one another and people choosing which religion if one at all they want to follow. In America, the society in general is much more open to differences in speech, practices, and people expressing their opinions on any subject. Your example of the Sherbert v. Verner court case demonstrates the American importance of freedom and the importance of constitutional freedoms ensured to all citizens by showing how no inequalities should be encountered by people due to their personal expressions. The main reason for the importance freedoms seem to be because of the influx in immigration to America that was present for the majority of country’s history and the history in general. By the people wanting freedoms that were not based on hierarchy, the freedoms of speech and expression were written in the constitution. The reason society is free in terms of religion is because America has the largest variety in people from different cultural backgrounds so there isn’t a hierarchy that is obviously present in society. In current times, it is also seen that although freedoms are said to be guaranteed, there are still structural problems in society that prevent the claim from being true. Overall, the main defining factor of America seems to be the freedoms practiced by the people in social interactions and society.

  • I think this is a very hard question to answer. In some places, people are even allowed to get married as young as 14, but in others, you have to be at least 19 to be considered an adult. This shows how there is no universally defined line as to what makes you an adult. When you said that 21 should be the legal age to be considered an adult, I…Read More



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