• Sara,
    Thank you for telling me what you think. You are right. I forgot the time the book was written, and that does make complete sense. I appreciate you.


    Orwell uses verbal irony to show Winstons dislike to Oceana and its system. Winston and Julia were having some alone time away from hidden mics or telescreen. Julia just told Winston that she slept with a lot

    • Amran,
      This is an interesting take on this situation, and I completely agree with you. In today’s world it can almost be a little laughable that the thought of sex is something that is only meant for the use of reproduction because of how much more open society is with it. However, if you look at when the book was written it makes complete sense. I think that this gives both Winston and Julie a more modern look on this compares to the other people of that society. I do believe that Orwell made this simple matter so much more complex than it seems, which is why I liked your outlook on it and the way you made it easier to understand. Thank you for sharing your opinion and I hope to read more from you in the future.

      • Sara,
        Thank you for telling me what you think. You are right. I forgot the time the book was written, and that does make complete sense. I appreciate you.

    • I love this! I love how Winston did not shame Julia because women get shamed in our society for not having sex if it’s not for reproduction. Instead it shows us a whole different perspective and a whole different view that can make us change our mind and can help us accept that sex is a normal thing that humans do. For a male to be okay with a women having sex with a lot of men is a really important step to start seeing sex as more of a natural thing in our society.

  • Did you know that huge businesses like apple amazon and and even disney started off as small business. Hello my fellow readers, I’m Amran Taleb. For my senior project I’m doing research on business and how big b

    • Amran,
      Your post is very formative with regards to the growing concern for local and small businesses. This interest is an important research topic to pursue. Something that would help a lot or hopefully would help is the understanding of how big businesses grow and become powerful. The historic advent of innovation with technology led to the first companies that had complete dominion in the market such as Microsoft, Netscape, Internet Explore, the first processor companies and later Apple. These monopolies would soon be addressed with hostile and cautious observation by the government until the market became bigger and less monopolized. I hope this helped. Here is a link to a source that could be helpful to you. https://cs.stanford.edu/people/eroberts/cs201/projects/corporate-monopolies/development_microsoft.html

    • Hi Amran! I am also really interested in your topic. My father took over a small business started by his father and has turned it into a large scale business production. This topic of how large businesses monopolize on smaller business by buying them out is something that is very common in the world of business. It is also intriguing to view the things that small businesses do better than large corporations for the economy. This fortune article has some interesting insight that might be helpful to your project in listing the things that small businesses achieve for the American economy. http://fortune.com/2014/06/10/what-small-businesses-do-better-than-corporate-america/ . Thank you for sharing this post and I am excited to see where you take it.

    • Hi Amran! I find your topic of the affects of big business on small business quite interesting, as America is truly reliant on small and local businesses. One big question I have is if big business negatively or positively affects small businesses and how? Is one better for the economy than the other (global and local)? How does one start to build or get involved with a local business?
      I found a link that you might find useful. There are also other articles on the same website http://smallbusiness.chron.com/multinational-companies-affect-local-businesses-70396.html
      I look forward to seeing what you find out!

    • Hello Amran, I think you’re topic is quite compelling. There are a lot of little shops scattered throughout my hometown, and I don’t often think about how big business effects them. I have thought about how netflix killed the video storehttps://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/flowchart/2010/09/23/how-netflix-and-blockbuster-killed-blockbuster, but not much past that. You’re comment on how, “They give people the opportunity to achieve financial independence, encourage innovation, and create employment opportunities,” because that’s something that I’ve heard of occasionally but never looked into. A former friend of my’s father worked at a piercing studio and owned a clothing boutique next door, but it shut down because there wasn’t enough interest for semi high priced goth clothing when it could be found cheap elsewhere. I look forward to seeing what you do with this next.

    • I think your topic is very interesting. Its also really cool your family has their own business. I think big businesses like Walmart that are taking away from small businesses are hurting people who run them. Something you could look into is how big businesses are run and if there is any way that it could help small businesses. You could also look into why big businesses are big and how they got there. since this topic hits close to home because your family has a small business you could look into why It is important for people to support small businesses rather than large ones. Here is an article I found about this that may help. https://www.forbes.com/sites/nicoleleinbachreyhle/2014/09/02/why-you-need-to-support-small-businesses/#7771a2c7b0d4

    • Amran, I really like this topic that you chose. I never really thought about big businesses and the effect that they may have on small businesses. Although I have heard that small businesses are more friendly even though they may not have the same advantages as big businesses, they bring communities together more. Here’s a source that could be more helpful to your topic: https://www.inc.com/michael-gerber/whats-the-difference-between-a-big-business-and-a-small-business.html

    • Amran, I think this topic is very interesting as my family owns a small business too and I can relate to what you said about your family and their business. What you said about small businesses being the backbone of some economies was very interesting to me and I would’ve liked if you had expanded on that and explained more Overall this research topic was very interesting to read and what you said about how big businesses can dominate over smaller ones was very true.

    • Hi Amran, I really found your post very similar to how economically small businesses work here in Utah, Salt Lake City. I can add by saying many small businesses rely heavily off of the local customers and consumer to help finance their businesses and keep them running. I will also say it’s very sad when these small businesses like you said (many in Utah) are family owned and they go out of businesses because of competitor businesses that offer prices of goods at a cheaper price. For me as a consumer I like paying that extra amount because it’s locally going back to my store. My only thoughts that you could maybe investigate is see if these’s businesses even use healthy ingredients when making their products and make it obvious that a local business is better than a giant fast chain.

    • Dear Amran,
      This is a very necessary topic in today’s day and age. Many people only focus on big businesses these days and do not consider the contribution the smaller businesses have on the economy. When you said, “They give people the opportunity to achieve financial independence, encourage innovation, and create employment opportunities,” that is especially true as the middle class do not spend and be involved with the economy, it does not grow. Have you read more sources and gotten more information, you’ll need a lot of that for this research. Check out the book by Robert Reich, Aftershock, it’ll give you many details about the economy. Can’t wait to see how you do!

    • Dear Amran,
      The issue of small business is very important to you and I admire that. I think that it is an interesting topic and we could look more at the affects it has on people like you. I am not involved personally in this matter so I cannot speak to how your life is but I imagine that big businesses are affecting how your family lives. Below I have left a link on how big businesses control smaller ones for you to look at! Hopefully this research can bring you to a better understanding. http://smallbusiness.chron.com/multinational-companies-affect-local-businesses-70396.html

    • Amran,
      I think it is great that you chose a topic to research that means something to you because your family owns a small business. You did a great job laying out the benefits of having small businesses and how they benefit the economy. I think it would be good to talk about how the bigger businesses harm smaller businesses. Here is a link that might help you further your research about small businesses: https://www.inc.com/encyclopedia/small-business-large-business-relationships.html.

    • Hi Amran,
      I think the issue you are addressing is very important in our world today. Many small businesses are being shut down due to the lack of customers. This is because customers cn go to the bigger businesses and buy the same products for less. It seems more convenient to shop online or at big supply stores to get the best deal, and availability, but the customer service in small businesses is just as important. http://www.theonion.com/graphic/big-box-stores-vs-small-businesses-52918 this link takes you to an article that lays out the pros and cons to each side in an easy to read chart. I thought it was interesting how some of the benefits for one side were the cons for the other. I hope to read more about your idea after you read this article.

  • Amran wrote a new post, Boy 2 years ago

    Go to school, Mondays through Fridays, in order to get a good paying job; never talk in class, so you can pay attention; but then I will fall asleep; make sure you go to college–make sure you go to study law;

    • First thing that comes to my mind when it comes to this post is that I certainly agree for the first half of the article but when it starts to cross over to talking about a mans wife and getting a wife and having expectations to how a wife should ask I would have to disagree to a small extent.
      What really stands out to me in this post is ” Make sure you let you wife clean your clothes, make sure your wife irons your clothes….” I find this statement very intriguing in the fact that I mostly digress with this half of the article because I do not believe that woman should do all of the house work or just do everything in general I believe that all the work should be shared and equal in a relationship.
      This reminds me of my mom not in the same way but in the way that when your moms doing all the dishes at home and doing all the laundry, I get it yeah it’s my mom and I guess that’s her job but I still think that it’s my job as her kid and son to help her out with things and share that work since she’s given me everything that I could have asked for. I believe this would have to do with anybody in the future that you love so including your future wife.

    • Dear Amran

      I am interested in your essay because i also think the same thing as you. School is our future life.
      If we don’t learn in the future we won’t get good playing

      One thing you said that stand out for me is” Go to school, Monday through Friday, in order to get a good pay job”. I think this is interesting because we all have to learn and get an education to go college and get a good job so we can take care of our families.

    • Dear Amran,

      I’m interested in with how you compared Boy and Girl at the same time, and their struggles and challenges because when you turn 18 you have to be responsible in many ways like paying bills and working after school. On the other hand when it's time to became a parent you have to provide, raise and teach your kids to become successful . one thing you said that stands out for me is “make sure your wife cook breakfast, make sure you let your wife clean your cloth… make sure your wife clean the dishes and the house”. I think this is different and the opposite of what men supposed to do but i still don't agree with it , because women not only clean the house and cook, they can also work in business.

    • Dear Anthony Lee
      I am Interested in your story because I relate to it.
      One thing that you said that stands out for me is when you said ” I get it yeah it’s my mom and I guess that’s her job but I still think that it’s my job as her kid and son to help her out with things and share that work since she’s given me everything that I could have asked for ” I relate to this because I believe that no matter what you should help your mom even if she doesn’t ask you for help.
      Your post reminds me of something that happened to me.
      One time there was a party at my house, and after the party there was a lot to clean and a lot to wash. Therefore I helped my mom Clean the dishes.
      Thanks for sharing your post. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I am interested in your story. Also because I like the fact that you give examples in your story.
      Regards, Yafiet Araya.

  • Amran commented on the post, Dear Leaders Of America 2 years ago

    Good job! I am really impressed with this. I liked your solution about how we should build more shelters for the homeless in order to help them out and keep the streets looking clean. I really believe that if more shelters were built that would help a lot. I cant wait until you post again because it was very educational to read and there was very…[Read more]

  • Good job! This was a very educational and informative post. I liked when your solution to make racial terms illegal because I believe that it was a very good idea. I am pretty sure it would work to. I cant wait until you make another post so i can read it because it was very informative.

  • Good job! Your solution to bring the kkk and talk to them is very smart. I also wish we can come together and be one. Thank you for your writing and cant wait until you write again because you give good information.

  • Dear Leaders of America,


    My name is Amran Taleb and I am a Senior at Fremont High. While researching the event that took place in Charlottesville, I learned that there was way more White Nationalist than I

    • Dear Amran, Thank you so much for your post! I totally agree with you with the fact that racism is a big problem in the United States today. The events of Charlottesville clearly displayed the tensions and hatred between the two groups, and showed how much of a problem this is in our country. Even though this is a sensitive issue, I think it’s very important to talk about it because it’s the only way progress will be made. Thank you for talking about this and I look forward to seeing your future posts.

    • Amran,
      thank you so much for sharing this! First of all, I am so glad that you and your family have been blessed with an easy transition to America, as everyone deserves. Racism in America is out of control. I think that you bring up a very good point when you said that we cannot allow for racism to continue to be an opinion. People should not be able to have the opinion that white people are superior. It is ridiculous, and our country needs to motivate and find a new way to solve this issue. Racism needs to be banned from America, a country where we are supposed to respect and love others the way we want to be loved. Thank you again for sharing. This piece was very well written.

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