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    Go to school, Mondays through Fridays, in order to get a good paying job; never talk in class, so you can pay attention; but then I will fall asleep; make sure you go to college–make sure you go to study law;

    • First thing that comes to my mind when it comes to this post is that I certainly agree for the first half of the article but when it starts to cross over to talking about a mans wife and getting a wife and having expectations to how a wife should ask I would have to disagree to a small extent.
      What really stands out to me in this post is ” Make sure you let you wife clean your clothes, make sure your wife irons your clothes….” I find this statement very intriguing in the fact that I mostly digress with this half of the article because I do not believe that woman should do all of the house work or just do everything in general I believe that all the work should be shared and equal in a relationship.
      This reminds me of my mom not in the same way but in the way that when your moms doing all the dishes at home and doing all the laundry, I get it yeah it’s my mom and I guess that’s her job but I still think that it’s my job as her kid and son to help her out with things and share that work since she’s given me everything that I could have asked for. I believe this would have to do with anybody in the future that you love so including your future wife.

  • Good job! I am really impressed with this. I liked your solution about how we should build more shelters for the homeless in order to help them out and keep the streets looking clean. I really believe that if more shelters were built that would help a lot. I cant wait until you post again because it was very educational to read and there was very…[Read more]

  • Good job! This was a very educational and informative post. I liked when your solution to make racial terms illegal because I believe that it was a very good idea. I am pretty sure it would work to. I cant wait until you make another post so i can read it because it was very informative.

  • Good job! Your solution to bring the kkk and talk to them is very smart. I also wish we can come together and be one. Thank you for your writing and cant wait until you write again because you give good information.

  • Dear Leaders of America,


    My name is Amran Taleb and I am a Senior at Fremont High. While researching the event that took place in Charlottesville, I learned that there was way more White Nationalist than I

    • Dear Amran, Thank you so much for your post! I totally agree with you with the fact that racism is a big problem in the United States today. The events of Charlottesville clearly displayed the tensions and hatred between the two groups, and showed how much of a problem this is in our country. Even though this is a sensitive issue, I think it’s very important to talk about it because it’s the only way progress will be made. Thank you for talking about this and I look forward to seeing your future posts.

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