• I wrote theses poems because it connects to Romeo and Juliet’s love story. But also my personal life story.

    Love Is not all

    Love is not all it is not meant nor drink

    Nor slumber nor a roof against the

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    Dear kalani
    I love how even you are a sister, a daughter and so many other stuff you really work hard for your education. I really like how you don’t pay attention to dominant narrative and you keep doing you. Keep up with the hard work you have done and don’t let negative things put you down.

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    Dear jennifer
    I love how shadow boxes are very special to you and it help you prove proof people wrong.Also, I like how you have thing inside your box from people that empire you. I also, like shadow boxes like you do for similar reasons. – America Diaz

  • This Shadow Box represents my three different identities. I choose to be female, student and a young sister. Many people assume that I’m a bad person or I’m in a gang because most of the time I’m wearing red on my

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