• Reddit CEO has claimed that TikTok, the new social media platform for watching/making videos, is a spyware scam. He called it a “fundamentally parasitic spyware.” Some U.S. lawmakers have also added that it has

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    I can because I don’t need my beliefs to be defined by you. Thank you

  • Hi Casey, I agree, no one should be injecting themselves with disinfectant, but people also take information very wildly. He was being sarcastic and the media took it way out of proportion. People will blame Trump for anything, just like they tried blaming the man who “drank” fish cleaner on him when it was his wife who murdered him. But I agree,…[Read more]

  • Human trafficking is known as the modern form of slavey, disregarding race. “Sex trafficking occurs when force, fraud, or coercion is used to cause a commercial sex act with an adult. Force, fraud or coercion n

    • Dear Amber,
      I am very amazed with your publication, “Sex trafficking in the United States”, because it is very true that the more time passes the crime grows more and this includes sex trafficking. This is because many people sell to minors for other people to use. This is a very big crime that all those people who sell to minors have.
      One phrase that you wrote that stands out to me is: “a commercial sexual act is identified by exchanging anything of value” I think this is very important for people to be aware of everything that can happen, because many of the Sometimes people who sell to minors are not only to have sex with other people, they also sell them for other people to sell their organs. And this is a much bigger crime because those people shouldn’t do that kind of thing.
      Thanks for your writing. I hope to see what you write next, because your publications are of great importance, the whole society must be aware of the risks that their children face when they are away from home. And we as children must be alert and especially not trust unknown people.

    • Dear Amber,
      I am very moved by your publication of “Sex-Trafficking in America” because I did not know a lot of the statistics on sex-trafficking even though I knew it was a high amount. It is scary and sad to know that many people trying to cross the border for a better life are robbed of that and put into a terrible industry like this. I agree that this is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed.
      One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me is that “85% of those who are pawned were sexually abused as a child, some being as young as 3 years old”. This is a very sad thing to realize because these kids are so innocent. They should not be subjected to these things by adults who I am sure know that they are doing something really wrong.
      Thank you for writing this article, I look forward to see what you write next because you seem to have a lot of good information. More people need to know about this because it can affect anyone. Additionally, this post was very helpful because now I also know where the U.S. stands on this issue.
      -Monica Ceja

  • Every human, born or unborn, has the respect and dignity to life. The UN released a list of basic human rights. The first is life. No human’s life should be taken voulentarily at the hands of another. “

    • I think you did a good job explaining your opinion, as well as justifying it. I like how you added credible sources, as well as facts, which made the article that much more justifiable.
      I do disagree that abortion is murder, but I support your decision and completely understand where you are coming from.

    • I agree with you that abortion is wrong and I like how you used credible sources.

    • Hi Amber,
      I’m confused about how you call yourself “pro life” if you are okay with abortion under “certain circumstances.” That completely undermines your whole argument. You used good evidence, but you can’t be pro-life and be okay with abortion in certain situations.

      • I can because I don’t need my beliefs to be defined by you. Thank you

  • Hi Maggie! I appreciated your opinion and stance on abortion. I am on the other side of this however. Princeton, an Ivy League School, with some of the most intelligent people have written an article on when a life starts. ( https://www.princeton.edu/~prolife/articles/embryoquotes2.html ) Of course this is opinionated yes, but very scientifically…[Read more]

  • When students go to school they do not expect to be in the line of danger or harm. Teacher’s obligation is to guard us as students. When someone invades the school, we should be prepared on how to act, and what p

  • In America today, many kids who are in or are going to go into college, are stressed with the options, prices, grades, and placement. It is a very competitive environment and at what cost? We must get the best

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      Hi Amber,
      Your post was intriguing to read although I do not agree with the fact that you said, “The whole education system in America is a joke and a fraud.” School is a necessary part about growing up because you learn how to interact with people. If we didn’t have school we would not be exposed to as much as we are now from different ethnicities to languages. I agree that school has not done a good job with preparing us for things like finances or simple things like fixing a tire. Maybe there could be a couple required classes added to the school curriculum to help with that. What would you want done to have the school system prepare us for life skills? Do you think that if students already know what job they want to pursue should not have to take any classes that do not relate to that job? Here is a link to a Ted-Ed Blog where Adora Svitak talks about how school doesn’t prepare students for life but gives solutions to this increasing problem, https://blog.ed.ted.com/2015/08/25/does-school-prepare-students-for-the-real-world-this-teen-speaker-says-no/

  • Excellent post Samuel. Many far left wing activists will want to ban guns, but it is nearly impossible. Guns themselves do not kill people, people kill people. Mentally ill, people who may have experienced extreme bullying and harm, have been on their breaking point. Many people who are pushing for gun control are asking for universal backgraound…[Read more]

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